Founder Musings

Angel Squad - Part 1

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by Rev. Dr. Barbara Selwa

It has been said before that you of the Alliance of Divine Love are strong allies of Love. We have watched you, and this statement is very true. This ability to put Love to work in your life and the lives of others, is much needed on Planet Earth today.

Most of you have noticed that your physical world has made many changes recently, some of which are strange and negative. Storms have killed, outlaws have murdered, viruses have taken grandparents away from...

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3 Parts of Being an Angel

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Thank you all who are showing interest in an angel squad and can help structure it. Let us tackle three important parts of being an angel.

We, your ADL angels, have pointed out that in your ADL organization you have mostly angels. This did come as a complete surprise to many of you. For years you have done your wonderful work but did not yet recognize that it was at an angelic level. This is not unique to ADL and it happens to many others.

Before we discuss the...

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