Angel Squad for the Alliance of Divine Love

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Rev. Dr. Barbara Selwa Guidance

Angel Squad for the Alliance of Divine Love

Before we begin, let us bring out some things describing The Holy Wise One. He is not incarnated on earth, but lives in a world that is classified as an angel. This means that it is higher spiritually than Earth, i.e., no wars, hunger, or cruelty there - a step above ours. The Holy Wise One is also called SD.

I, Barbara Selwa, have known him for a very long time, and I don't know what I would do if I didn't have his wonderful judgements for behavior and daily living. His "just wait" has saved me many times when I was over eager. He is also the one who taught me about teaching and guiding ADL people, and brought out that we of ADL are angels. Yes, we have evolved that far. I was amazed when he said that about ADL angels. The Great Healings that Divine Love renders when an Angel Squad works is beautiful.

He is about five feet tall and dresses in a crepe like white short sleeved shirt. Also, he wears loose shorts of tan coloration. He has larger eyes than ours, but not tilted. His eyes are cat-like, but he is not a cat. His eyes narrow vertically in light and the pupils become large and dark when in a dark place. His hair is white, almost transparent, and wider and flatter than ours. His people are non-violent and non-competitive.

SD has given me a very important aspect of when Angel Squads meet, and leave their physical bodies temporarily, step up to the Love level above the physical world, the True World, and fill their hearts back and front, by remembering all those you love, people, your animals, and fill yourself with this love. When everyone in the group has completed their collective feeling of love, then the group will direct all that Beautiful Love of Golden Healing, from the back of their heart chakra directly to the place in the person in need of healing place, such as perhaps back pain, etc.

Next the Angel Squad should send the Golden Healing visualized as a lid and placed over area where the Healing Love was just sent for that person so that Beautiful Love of Golden Healing will not easily be released.

SD emphasizes that COORDINATION of the Healing Substance is very important. The Squads, therefore, must work together when putting Divine Love into the self, and then WORK AS A UNIT as it is deposited with sufferers in need.

Angel Squad graphic
Angel Squad

Now, let’s review the Angel Squad steps:

1) Take your attention from the Earth plane and place it on the True World.
Open your heart to the awe-striking Beauty and deposit it into your heart!

2) Take some deep breaths, relax and fill your heart Chakra with the loving energy of God/Spirit. Take time to feel your heart full of the love energy. Allow this loving energy to pass from the front of the Heart Chakra to the back of the Heart Chakra. Then, when the squad is ready, leave your physical body and send your spiritual body image to the place that will be the healing setting. (a hospital room, a home) Let's pretend it is your Grandmother's room. Take a moment of silence, then as one the Squad Members will speak to each other, "release", and at this cue all Angels will turn their backs to the one receiving healing and release the Golden Cup of Healing FROM the BACK SIDE of the heart chakra and allow it to flow down over Grandmother. All of your Squad releases this Love at the same time.

3) The finishing touch for Grandma will be depositing a firmer type of Energy that serves as a "lid" for keeping the Healing with Grandma. Visualize this lid (a glass lid or saran wrap or any other lid you visualize that effectively seals the Golden Love inside) and send it to the problem body part. Visualize the “lid” sealing in the Golden Cup of Healing, so it can do its work.

4) Return to your physical body, and take a breather. It is advisable to have a cold drink and relax. SD says, “GOOD JOB!” We more experienced Angels are PROUD OF YOU!

The following are instructions that can be used to assist those who are unfamiliar with their spirit leaving their body. Angel Squad leaders are here to help you. Please ask.

Relax, then close your eyes and visualize being in your kitchen. See the items around you, and next MAKE AN IMAGE OF YOURSELF (like a photograph) mentally and move your image into the kitchen. And for practice, hold this image as long as you can. And if you go boing, back and forth, don’t worry or give up. Keep practicing.

And you, with your Squad, are bringing those in need back to the good life. You and the Squad have excellent power to help them with their healing!

“Covid 19 Virus: Barb has asked me to advise about the virus currently in the world. I would advise that you get started right away and begin with small groups. Just follow the directions as stated above. Virtual instead of body groups, can be used but the mixture of each Squad Members spiritual energies in person is better. Do NOT wait, though. Your work is much needed on planet earth now. We will be there to help.”
In Love, SD, The Holy Wise One

Rev. Dr. Selwa believes the size of the Angel Squad will vary depending on the situation. If you are sending Golden Healing to an individual, for example, 3 to 4 Squad members should be sufficient. If we are sending healing and love to a large group of people or to avert a disaster, many Angel Squad members will be needed.

When confronting the Covid Virus find out where the virus wants to go. SD told Barb there are many, many places in the Universe, and he is certain there is someplace the virus will choose to go. We do not need to destroy the virus; send it on its way - with Love.


Analisa Domenica


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Lindsay F Babich

Four of us "soared" over Texas last night to deliver Golden Angelic Divine Love to all in need of warmth, water, safety and comfort. It was a very moving experience with the need felt so deeply. It feels so good personally to be able to contribute in a positive way. Our metaphysical powers, connected with Divine Love, are our tools for bringing forth and sharing more blessings and LOVE for ALL.

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