Volunteer Service Opportunities

Apply your wisdom, talents, and passions in the Greatest Degree of Love by volunteering with ADL.

Find what resonates most with you and join the team!

If you are interested in serving as a Committee Chairperson, Committee Member, or on a specific project or event, please contact the Alliance of Divine Love office at office@allianceofdivinelove.org or by calling the office at 828-388-2102.


Marketing/Social Media Committee:

  • Promote all Alliance of Divine Love Ministry events, classes, conferences, gatherings, and products, through a variety of media sources, both internally and externally, so people can come to know more about who we are and what we offer.
  • We are especially in need of individuals with social media experience to post messages and events on  TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Conference/Event Committee:

  • This committee oversees the organization and facilitation of all conferences, events, and classes, physically and virtually, including the annual conference and any other events that the organization deems necessary.

FUNdraising Committee:

  • Create events, products, and opportunities for the Alliance of Divine Love Ministry to generate income so that we may continue being of service in the world.

Special Projects:

  • If you have time to work on a special project or event, or if you are a ministerial student and looking for a project for your internship, please reach out to us, as we have numerous opportunities where you may be of service.