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Rev. Jewel Alexander 

Chapel 1966

United States (US), New Mexico (NM), Santa Fe

Rev. Jewel Alexander is an Interspiritual minister, writer, and educator.

Sharing insights revealed in contemplative practice and lifelong study in the fields of spirituality, psychology, science and consciousness, Rev. Jewel shares the transformational nature of self-awareness. 

Known as “The Seeker’s Coach”, she specializes in mentoring people into states of greater self-realization and presence; in other words, to express their true selves. Her spiritual guidance, writing, and gentle wisdom serve to help people develop increased, sustainable well-being.

Rev Jewel's ultimate goal is for all people to know how beautiful they are.

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Enzo Aliotta

Rev. Enzo Aliotta

Chapel 1768 (Healing for Life)

United States (US), New York (NY), Wading River

Enzo is a Naturopathic Spiritual Medicine Doctor with a Doctorate in Integrative Medicine. He is also an accomplished martial artist that has been ordained master in Chinese Martial Arts under SiFu Tak Wah Eng. Enzo's work includes spiritual counseling & teaching. He also facilitates optimal frequency support to individuals in self-healing on all levels.

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Rev. Dr. Autymn Renée Allen (DDMS Mentor)

Chapel 1030 (The Chapel of Infinite Possibilities)

United States (US), Texas (TX), Garland

Although I was a seasoned educator and sales rep for educational publishers, my vow of service to God changed everything in 1996. My journey from ordination to today has been one of amazing transformations and experiences integrating spiritual wisdom into the physical dimensions of my life. And, with each ministerial class I offer, I grow into fuller contact with God in ways that continue to surprise.

My ministry focuses on the LIFE4 Coaching System I developed at LIFE4 Academy. LIFE4 stands for Life Integration For Enlightenment, Equanimity, Empowerment & Enjoyment, all the elements we pursue in life. My proprietary system facilitates spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformations easily and quickly.

My new website Alliance of Divine Life is a place for exploration, study and sharing all aspects of life. I invite you to join me.

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ADL Mentor: Michael Allen

Rev. Michael Scott Allen

Chapel 1033

United States (US), Texas (TX), Garland

Born and raised in the Methodist church, I became an agnostic in high school but returned to Christianity via direct spiritual experiences in nature, meditation, healing sessions and studying different spiritual traditions and metaphysics.

As we are responsible for being the best we can be, we can optimize and integrate the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of our human existence to advance our soul growth and expand our consciousness.

I am a board-certified Radiologist with certifications in Integrative Functional Age-Management Medicine, I took a 3-year sabbatical from my medical practice to explore spiritual healing, travel to sacred sites in Peru, continental USA, Bali, England and Scotland and study different spiritual traditions. My definition of a healer is one who guides others to heal themselves.

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ADL Mentor: Lindsay Babich

Rev. Lindsay Babich

Chapel 1444

United States (US), Florida (FL), West Palm Beach

Lindsay is a heart-centered spiritual healer who facilitates energetic balance and optimal frequency to support individuals in self-healing on all levels. Lindsay is an interspiritual minister and ministerial mentor with ADL, ordained in 2004 by ADL co-founder, the late Rev. Dr. Barbara Hanshaw.

Lindsay earned a degree in Anthropology and Sociology from Hunter College in NYC then followed her passion for cultural immersion around the globe. In 2004 she responded to a clear spiritual call to use her hands to support healing. She is a certified Healing-Touch practitioner and instructor, Reiki master and aroma therapist using Young Living Essential Oils. Her ministry is Vibrational Health, an ADL Healing Ministry that uses touch, sound, light and crystals as vibrational tools for self-healing.

In Divine service, Rev. Lindsay has been deeply involved for 12 years both as an officer on the ADL Board of Directors and a volunteer with Healing-Touch Buddies, and on the Board of Directors and as an Ambassador with the newly founded Joseph P. Cory Foundation, dedicated to educating individuals and communities in health and wellness.

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Diane New Mentor Photo

Rev. Diane Baker

Chapel 2118 

United States (US), North Carolina (NC), Hendersonville

Bio:  Rev. Diane Baker has practiced many forms of healing over the past four decades as a speaker and teacher, including Reiki, spiritual counseling, Power of Eight Intention work, BodyTalk, Psych-K, archetypal astrology, meditation and hypnotherapy.  She was ordained as an ADL minister in 2019 and now offers RTT Hypnotherapy (Rapid Transformational Therapy) to groups and individuals in the Hendersonville, NC area and elsewhere via Zoom.   Her ministry helps people change their thoughts in order to change their futures.  The pictures in our minds and the words we tell ourselves form the blueprint of tomorrow, so let's focus on the reality we choose to create!

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ADL Mentor: Bonnie Barnes-Kelley

Rev. Dr. Bonnie Barnes-Kelley (DDMS Mentor)

Chapel 1489 (Earth Magicks)

United States (US), Florida (FL), Gainesville

My journey of self discovery began with protecting Mother Earth from harm when I lived in Miami. Fragile wetlands and our precious environment were being threatened and I felt the calling to enter the fray and lead the charge. My awakened awareness led me the Seraphim Center in Gainesville, and in 2004 I was ordained by the late Rev. Dr. Bob Estling, and received my ADL DDMS in 2012. My personal journey is ever expanding, still awed by the wonder and beauty of the Alliance of Divine Love. Join me for a journey thru time and space as together we will explore Divine Love and your role in the Divine Blueprint of Life, at once exciting, self-fulfilling, and deeply spiritual, as you discover your own pathway to mastership of who you really are. I am a dedicated ADL Mentor who believes in Love in the Highest Degree while learning to Love God and knowing WE ARE ONE. Your spiritual studies will illuminate your life and propel your soul’s journey forward in Joy and Gratitude. Namaste.

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Wanda Long 2021 Crop

Rev. Dr. Wanda L. Beebe  (DDMS Mentor)

Chapel 936

United States (US), Tennessee (TN), Chattanooga

Rev. Dr. Beebe received her ADL Ministerial degree in October 1999. She became qualified to mentor thereafter and held the first ADL ministerial class in the state of Alabama. She received her Doctorate of Divinity in Metaphysics and Spirituality in 2003.She has been mentoring ADL Doctoral candidates since 2005. In May 2014, she received her Bachelor of Divinity with The Metropolitan Theological Seminary.

Rev. Dr. Beebe studied and worked with the indigenous culture of the Q’ero Indians of Peru in 2001, and she based her ADL doctoral thesis on “The Andean Way of Religion and Spirituality.” She walked and completed the spiritual pilgrimage known as the “Camino de Santiago” in Spain in 2005 and has studied, and been certified, in many healing arts modalities since 1990.

Rev. Dr. Beebe’s prior work history includes experience as a Sr. Production Planner for a Fortune 500 company in New York and Human Resource Management in Huntsville, AL. Presently she is working as a Sales Consultant for a women’s designer dress shop in Chattanooga, TN, and feels this is one of the best ways to minister to people on all levels; putting the highest degree of love into action.

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ADL Mentor: Sandra Bolognia

Rev. Sandra Bolognia

Chapel 117

United States (US), Florida (FL), West Palm Beach

Rev. Sandra Bolognia was ordained in 1985 by Rev. Dr. Barbara Hanshaw. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Individual and Family Studies, a Master's Degree in Educational and School Psychology, and a specialist degree in Math and Computer Science. She worked professionally as a social worker, guidance counselor and computer teacher of kindergarten through college and adults.

Rev. Sandra has been close to her spirit from childhood and continues to deprogram her life path as her spirit develops and evolves on Earth. Her studies in spirit beyond life experience include: astrology, Tarot, numerology, quantum physics, iridology, essential oils, heart math, sound healing, scalar energy, sacred geometry, alien implants, etheric implants, holographic inserts, hieros-gamos, earthing, holographic kinetics, out-of-body experiences, meditation, dreamtime travel, and the multi-dimensional universe.

Rev. Sandy feels that learning is at its peak when the student is seeking in the life-learning laboratory. She will ensure that your process toward ministry is woven into your personal life experience.

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Rev. Kari Caldwell

Chapel 2131 (Rainbow Bridge Coalition)

United States (US), Florida (FL), Boca Raton

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Pamela Crissey

Rev. Pamela Meyer Crissey

Chapel 1038 (Crystal Creek Center)

United States (US), North Carolina (NC), Mill Spring

When she attended an ADL conference in 2008, Pamela felt "at home" with the philosophy of ADL and its variety of magnificent ministers. Rev. Charlotte McGinnis ordained her in 2009. Pamela thrives on finding the connections between All That Is and the spiritual basis of our lives.

In 1962 she experienced an off-planet connection that couldn't readily be shared. In 1988, she met Rev. Brian, and they were clearly guided to begin a publishing company to produce books on the spiritual aspects of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth, along with books on indigenous cultures, which all spoke the same philosophy. Overall, they published 65 books.

Rev. Pamela attended Penn State, Portland State and North Greenville University, studying Psychology, and Health and Wellness, however it was at North Greenville that her passion for the connection between religion and science took on a new trajectory. She completed her degree in Divinity with Metropolitan Theological Seminary. She is a Chartered Herbalist and a Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner.

Since ADL's major transition in 2014, Pamela has worked as ADL's Administrative Director.

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ADL Mentor: Linda DeFelice

Rev. Linda DeFelice

Chapel 2082

United States (US), Florida (FL), Fort Lauderdale

Since childhood, Rev. Linda has felt drawn towards her spiritually guided journey. During 2014, while studying the ADL Ministry, Rev. Linda had a life-changing experience, with many Blessings and fulfillment with her individual gifts.

Since 2017, she has been participating in the FL ADL Board of Trustees and is the Membership Committee Chairperson. She plans Tea Parties, etc., for local Ministers and she is a member of other ADL Committees.

In January of 2018, Rev. Linda followed her affection for teaching when she became a certified ADL Mentor. Rev. Linda assists students with their spiritual development and growth. As a dedicated Mentor, Linda feels it is an honor for her to mentor any Student with the ADL’s exercises and lessons.

Rev. Linda volunteers at Holy Cross Hospital, Catholic Hospice, Al Anon and the City of Oakland Park. In the past, she volunteered with the Learn-to-Read Program and the Guardian Ad Litem Program, both of Broward County. In 2015, Linda became a certified Reiki Level-II practitioner; Linda is also an Angel Card Reader, including “Discover Your Birth Angel.”

Rev. Linda loves to share the ADL Ministry and all its benefits with anyone considering becoming a Minister. She also loves to promote healthy living with exercise, balanced nutrition, and regular prayer and meditation.

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Juan Delgado

Rev. Juan Delgado

Chapel 2135

United States (US), New York (NY), Glendale


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ADL Mentor: Kenneth Gogue

Rev. Kenneth Gogue

Chapel 2056 (Guiding Light Spiritual Center)

United States (US), North Carolina (NC), Asheville

Hi, I'm Brother Tony. I spent the first 34 years of my life in the military (watching my father's career, and then entering the Army myself). Although, I'm grateful for the many countries, cultures, religions, and people I've met through the military experience, I chose to lay down weapons of destruction and harm. Instead, I utilize the greater powers of peace, love, harmony, unity, and self-empowerment - all for the Greatest Degree of Love and the highest good for all creation.

Originally raised as a Catholic, I’ve always felt this need to go beyond religion. I now serve as an interfaith minister, mixing practices of various faiths to obtain the ultimate experience that the Divine teaches me at any given moment. My primary influences are Paramahansa Yoganada, Anandamayi Ma (a.k.a. Jai Ma), and Peace Pilgrim. Additionally, I explore any other form of the Divine
shown to me in visions and dreams, so I may understand aspects I need to learn for myself and for others. Since reaching higher levels of enlightenment and consciousness, I truly see the Divine in EVERYTHING - through the oneness in ALL creation. I now use my experience in education, management, and leadership to help others to find and empower their true Selves, so they
may find Love and peace along their life path.

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ADL Mentor: Margaret "Peg" Gordon

Rev. Dr. Margaret "Peg" Gordon (DDMS Mentor)

Chapel 537

United States (US), Maine (ME), Windham

Rev. Dr. Peg Gordon was ordained in 2000 by Rev. Dr. Barbara Hanshaw. Studying with Barbara strengthened Peg's belief that Love is our source and Source is Love. Peg received her D.D.M.S. from ADL in 2011. She has been involved in ADL since her ordination and has served three times as the Florida Board president. She has helped coordinate many ADL conferences.

One of Peg’s most heartfelt pleasures in life is sharing and living the ADL wisdom in all areas of her life, but she especially derives joy from being a mentor and sharing and receiving insights and knowledge. Peg has always been a teacher in some capacity. She worked in computer support, and as a teacher, for a Fortune 500 company, and she did similar work in hospitals. As a Reiki Master, she was able to share her knowledge with Hospice nurses in her off time, and today she continues to both teach and heal in a variety of healing modalities within her community.

She volunteers her time with the Children’s Library and is on the Board of Directors for the Newport Cultural Center and library. She is also a member of the GFWC Newport Women’s Club, Newport Maine.

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Rev. Eva Gourley

Chapel 2053

United States (US), North Carolina (NC), Charlotte

Eva helps her clients heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by first removing physical-body stresses like sensitivities, toxins, parasites, molds, viruses, and bacteria. She uses ESR therapy, a technique similar to NAET but which uses multiple vials and frequencies to remove toxins. For cost effectiveness, she minimizes supplements and integrates personalized advanced isotonic remedies. As an intuitive counselor, she finds the specific ages at which woundedness patterns originated in the client's inner child (ICR therapy). She works the nine-energy systems of Eden Energy Medicine, using tuning forks, light therapy or many other tools. For mental issues, she incorporates EFT tapping, and spiritually, as a minister, she guides her clients to find the Greatest Degree of Love in all situations.

She feels very fortunate to do her work. She is passionate about helping others heal on all levels. This work allows her to continue evolving as an individual and continually stay on the cutting edge, incorporating effective modalities to assist others on their healing journeys. She incorporates remote work with everything she does in the office, which allows her to support her clients wherever they are in the world.

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ADL Mentor: Colleen A

Rev. Colleen A. Haney

Chapel 1314 (Communicating Energy)

United States (US), Florida (FL), Boca Raton

Rev. Colleen is honored to be a mentor in the ADL Ministry program. Since becoming a minister in 2002, she has assisted ADL through creating, presenting at, and facilitating, both State and National Conferences. She also served on the Florida Chapter Board for over 5 years and is currently a member of the Mentor Enrichment Council of ADL.

Rev. Colleen is a licensed and certified Speech Language Pathologist, and is also certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner, a Certified Nutripuncture Practitioner, Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and an Energy Medicine Instructor.  She enjoys officiating weddings and other ceremonies.  Rev. Colleen offers a unique blending of science and intuitive healing arts.

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Therese Inzerillo larger

Rev. Therese Inzerillo

Chapel 929

United States (US), Missouri (MO), Kansas City

Rev. Therese Inzerillo was ordained as an ADL minister in 1997.  She is also a Holistic Health practitioner and intuitive.  Rev. Therese has extensively studied world religions and worked with a variety of Interfaith organizations promoting “bridges of understanding” between people of diverse faiths, recognizing that all major religions are based on the same spiritual principles and we are truly all ONE.  Her advocacy for peace and non-violence was the inspiration for her many interfaith peace conferences which she organized and facilitated through the years.  She has served as the President of the Arizona Peace Alliance and an Ambassador for Peace.  She also hosted an international radio show for five years entitled, “Intuitive Living” where she interviewed top spiritual authors, holistic experts and advocates for peace, non-violence, and interfaith.

Rev. Therese is an uplifting inspirational speaker, teacher and healer.  She loves supporting individuals in their spiritual journey by guiding them to listen to and follow their intuition and to discover and hone their own unique spiritual gifts.  She is certified in a variety of holistic modalities, such as massage, Reiki, chakra balancing, reflexology, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, and many others and utilizes these skills to help individuals achieve balance, optimum health, and vitality.  She offers classes, workshops, life coaching, spiritual counseling, healing sessions, intuitive readings, ceremonies, and retreats in sacred sites.  As a mentor she utilizes her wisdom and dedicates herself to supporting her students to blossom into their full potential and strengthen their connection to the Divine.

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Rev. Dr. Stephanie Josephs

Chapel 469

United States (US), Florida (FL)


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ADL Mentor: Tiya Keyze

Rev. Tiya Keyze

Chapel 1649

United States (US), Florida (FL), Ponte Vedra Beach

Tiya has been studying the spiritual / transcending arts for over 20 years and became an ordained minister in 2006.  With over 200 hours of yoga training, Tiya co- founded Playful Roots Yoga Ministry to provide services for families and youth with expanding mindsets. While now completing the final year of her 500-hour yoga training, Tiya remains dedicated to her practice of raising awareness.  By combining her dedication to personal growth with a drive to uplift others, she presents an authentic offering of her own experiences with the goal of helping others. Tiya is dedicated to serving those from birth through the golden years. When you work with Tiya, you receive 100% of her time, focus and energy to help you develop your best self.

 Her skills and certifications include the following:  Rieki Master, Healing touch, Quantum energy activator, Gamma Breath specialist.  Her education includes: 20 years of dedicated meditation, 300+ Hour Hatha Yoga, 95 hour Rainbows Kids Yoga , Chair Yoga, 55 hour Chakra Yoga.  She has also been an ordained Minister for 15 years, serving the community through festivals, fundraising, classes and more.  Her personal accomplishments include:  dedicated to self-love and awareness, nurtured two homeschooled teenage boys, raised on sacred parenting, and produced The Children's Chakra Journey Meditations and Mantras in 2009.
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Heidi Kowalchyk new

Rev. Heidi Kowalchyk

Chapel 2042  (Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies)

United States (US), New York (NY), East Nassau

Heidi Kowalchyk along with her husband, John are Alliance of Divine Love Ministers, Reiki Masters, Sound Therapists and Drum Circle Facilitators who have been called to follow a spiritual path and guide others along their spiritual journey. It is their passion to offer opportunities and encouragement to people to open them selves to the Divine Love within. As ordained ministers, they are the Founders of Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies, a ministry focused on energy-healing. They offer programs and retreats virtually and hopefully again at their home retreat center in East Nassau, New York (20 miles east of Albany, NY) and venues throughout the country. Areas of interest include: Reiki, Meditation, Spiritual Talks on Facebook Live, A Course in Miracles Study Group, Drum Circles, Mentoring ADL ministerial students, Women's Empowerment and Spiritual Counseling.   

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John Kowalchyk new

Rev. John P. Kowalchyk

Chapel 2000  (Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies)

United States (US), New York (NY), East Nassau

John Kowalchyk along with his wife, Heidi are Alliance of Divine Love Ministers, Reiki Masters, Sound Therapists and Drum Circle Facilitators who have been called to follow a spiritual path and guide others along their spiritual journey. It is their passion to offer opportunities and encouragement to people to open them selves to the Divine Love within. As ordained ministers, they are the Founders of Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies, a ministry focused on energy-healing. They offer programs and retreats virtually and hopefully again at their home retreat center in East Nassau, New York (20 miles east of Albany, NY) and venues throughout the country. Areas of interest include: Reiki, Meditation, Spiritual Talks on Facebook Live, A Course in Miracles Study Group, Drum Circles, Mentoring ADL ministerial students, Women's Empowerment and Spiritual Counseling.

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ADL Mentor: Charlotte McGinnis

Rev. Charlotte McGinnis

Chapel 834

United States (US), North Carolina (NC), Flat Rock

Rev. Charlotte is an interfaith minister and expert on holistic health and wellness. She co‐founded “The Art of Living Well” Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio. She is a success strategist who helps people solve problems, define their goals, and create a plan to “make it happen.”

A leader in holistic-health and spirituality, she founded The Palm Beach Center for Living in 1994, which showcased hundreds of prominent speakers and spiritual seekers. The Center provided offered outreach programs to disenfranchised men, women and children in Palm Beach County. She opened the Namaste Center in Hendersonville in 2011.

In 1994, Charlotte became ordained minister in ADL and since has served on the Board of Trustees as President and Treasurer. She also teaches Ministerial Classes and has ordained many ministers. She enjoys sharing her insights with others and has lectured widely. In 2009, she became a certified Life Success Consultant, which has enabled her to combine spiritual thinking with practical coaching to reach greater audiences with more pertinent advice. She offers seminars and individual sessions in Zen Golf, A Course in Miracles, and life and business strategies. She is coauthor of A Golf Course in Miracles.

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Rev. Dr. Fawn Nogueira  (DDMS Mentor)

Chapel 2088 (Fawn’s Chapel of Peace, Love & Light)

United States (US), Florida (FL), Loxahatchee

I was ordained in 2017 and received my DDMS in 2020. A Usai Holy Fire Reiki Shihan, teaching classes. I have worked in the legal field for 20 yrs. Raised with interfaith beliefs, realizing early on that God/Creator is everywhere.

I am able to assist others in finding and healing the limits within, to release them and consciously raise their vibration, so that they are ultimately free. Allowing their light to shine brilliantly. Utilizing the Universal Laws & the Greatest Degree of Love.

“Whether just beginning your spiritual journey or have been on the beautiful path for years, I very much look forward to our chapter together.”

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Morgan Patterson

Rev. Morgan Patterson

Chapel 2127 (Breathe the Sacred into the Storm)

United States (US), Florida  (FL), Tallahassee

Reverend Morgan Patterson is a Polarity Energy Healer and a practitioner of the ancient art of plant medicine. As you walk into her office, after leaving your shoes and cares outside the door, you will be met by the comforting smell of Sage and Frankincense. Utilizing her 50+ years of meditation practice, as a method to balance her own life as a 40 year, Registered Nurse in critical care medicine, she has created a unique method of healing. She blends the practices of Energy healing and plant medicine, which bridge the gap between science and spirituality. She also is a minister with the Alliance of Divine Love Ministry, which is always looking to choose the highest degree of love in thoughts, words and action.

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image0 (1)

Rev. Moraima (Mory) Real

Chapel 2114

United States ( US ), Florida ( FL ), Broward County.

Rev. Mory is the owner and founder of Healing Hands Loving Hearts.
She is a professional Holy Fire ll Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Holy Fire ll Karuna Reiki Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training ( ICRT ) and teaches all levels of Reiki. Rev. Mory found her dharma and spiritual path through Reiki.

She is an Angel Card Reader and teaches and certifies students in this field. Rev. Mory has helped countless people through her spiritual counseling and Energy healing. She is helping them find the Highest Degree of Love in all situations.

Rev. Mory would love the opportunity to mentor you in the beautiful teachings of our ministry Alliance Of Divine Love. 

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Rev. Allen Reed

Chapel 2079

United States ( US ), North Carolina ( NC ) 

Almost 30 years after a surprising, sudden, unplanned and unprepared Kundalini awakening, A Third Eye opening, A spontaneous Healing event, A Direct experience of Samadhi and After clearing away enough karma with God's Grace , As well as making enough sense of the aforementioned Mystical experiences, I have found here in 2023 my mission to Teach, Heal, Guide and LOVE any ethical way I can and by Any moral means necessary. Using more or less What I AM or gifts and abilities I have suggested here, Cosmic Cheerleader, Ascension guide, Natural Witch, LightWorker, Dream Interpretation, Enlightenment Facilitator, Story Telling Shaman, Meditator, Sacred Chanter, Psychic, Chakra work Healer, Receives Divine Downloads & Upgrades.

Most importantly and effectively I AM a Spiritual Counselor assisting you in correcting yourself, clearing your own Karma, making your own magic and inducing your own Healing, Now that's A Miracle."

We are all Channels of LOVE"!

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Barbara Rothwell

Rev. Dr. Barbara Rothwell  (DDMS Mentor)

Chapel 28

United States (US), Wisconsin (WI), Portage

I became an ADL minister in 1976, (Chapel 28), and received my DDMS in 2019. I have enjoyed the journey through the years, as ADL has grown and expanded, always pursuing the greatest degree of love through the sharing of our knowledge and perspectives.

Throughout the years with ADL, I pursued several professional careers while maintaining my affliction with those in need of spiritual healing and guidance.  Upon retirement I have been able to devote the majority of my time grief/loss and spiritual counseling following the principals upon which ADL was founded.

In 2013, I opened the Creative Visual Workshop as a way to share the knowledge that is inside each of us. We all have ways in which to be creative and to reach out to others, sharing not only what we have learned along our personal journey and interaction with others, but as a way in which to learn more of what the light of the Divine Spirit has made available to all, and to let those vibrations resonate through each of us.

Becoming a mentor opens up yet another avenue to share the knowledge and principles that surrounds the teachings and acceptance of Divine Love.

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Estelle Thibodeau

Rev. Estelle Thibodeau

Chapel 2086 ~ The Seventh Root
United States (US), Florida (FL), St. Augustine

It is not without divinity that we are brought into an opportunity to do what we are called to do. The first part of the journey toward realization of what one must become is found in the challenges prior to the knowledge of that trivialization we are presented with, are just as important in the process as the end result. The Greater Good encompasses not only the embrace of a new friend, the encouragement of a stranger, the gathering of like minds, the passion of extraordinary and often out of this world beliefs of fellow humans supported and celebrated; But the Greater Good also must endure with the rebuttal of a new friend, the harsh words of a stranger, adversity of unlike minds, dispassion of the ordinary, opposition and disregard.

How did it feel to not be part of this Alliance? An oddity walking the earth in search of true family, the true work of the self? And how did it come to be that crossing the path of one person (a certain Reverend who loves Roses) could open the eyes and finally validate the beauty and assets within?

Being an Alliance of Divine Love Minister is a jolly freedom in my heart, an exclamation mark, a song to sing to the world! And, while some may often wonder about this love and happiness and greater good for all things we've got going on, with a sort of dismissive wave of the hand, there are others out there that are healers of this world, walking around. It is not without Divinity that I am here. It is for these reasons that I humbly and most gratefully choose to live and teach as a Mentor of the Alliance of Divine Love and continue to my best ability this wonderful and most important endeavor.


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