Founder Musings: Love’s Gentleness and Openness

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Message from our founder, Rev. Dr. Selwa


Hi, this is Barb Selwa, Co-Founder of ADL. With me is my guide, SD, a high Angel. He speaks through me.

Let’s emphasize Love’s gentleness and openness. When we change proceed with kindness and love, for example. And this should go with everyday life for you, kind and loving.

When a person is confronted with a negative approach, others in power must find out why this is happening? We must be kind at all time, no exceptions.

SD, “We are going to take a look at the Angel Squad and what we learned about it. But let’s start out and re-read it. Do Step 1 and fill your heart with Love. When you are on the beautiful plane, you will notice golden orbs and silver-white ones. Put one of each in our heart on the front side.

When you have exited your physical body, wait a short time for all angels to arrive at the gathering place. When you feel this, call out GO!, and proceed to the physical place you want to work with. For example, a sick person’s room or swarms of viruses. All of you feel out your target, then take the Love Healing Energy from your back. Wait again until you are all together and call out Release!

Let the Beauty Love flow out into the person or situation. Next put the orb you have in your Heart into the person, or cover the orbs in the viruses and see them entering the Beauty one. Push them towards the upper steps toward the real world. Use the Golden cloth to hold the Love Healing Energy in place.

When finished, return to your physical body. You have done your job.

In Divine Love, I am Rev. Dr. Barbara I. Selwa, Co-Founder Alliance of Divine Love.


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