Angel Squad - Part 1

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by Rev. Dr. Barbara Selwa

It has been said before that you of the Alliance of Divine Love are strong allies of Love. We have watched you, and this statement is very true. This ability to put Love to work in your life and the lives of others, is much needed on Planet Earth today.

Most of you have noticed that your physical world has made many changes recently, some of which are strange and negative. Storms have killed, outlaws have murdered, viruses have taken grandparents away from grandchildren, wives from husbands, husbands from the privileges of raising children. It makes you leery of your future. You may feel helpless, but you are not! Of course prayer is helpful in these situations, but the ADL group Healing is far more effective. Your combined Healing works much stronger and Love can change situations beyond belief!

Therefore, we guiding ADL angels propose an Angel Squad to combine with ADL angels who are incarnate. {You!} Together we will add power, both in the physical and nonphysical. Keep in mind that you may reside in the physical, now, but it is not the Real World. Thus, we have three steps in angel healing power:

  1. Gaining access to the real world
  2. Zeroing in on problem areas through ESP and/or out of the body resources.
  3. Combining the multitudes of angel Love Power and releasing this Love in places needed.

Let us begin with number one above. How do you stay in the Real World? It is much easier than you think! After all, you all are, at this moment in the Real World. The physical playground world you are also in every day provides you with fun and the ability to create. There is nothing wrong with this. Do not fear it. The Real World is always right.

Anything negative is not real. Only Love is Real. Focus on the Real World instead of the adverse situations presenting themselves as real, like boogie men in comic books. Keep your focus on That Which is Real.

As you focus, open yourself to Love as deeply as you can. As Love pours into your heart, your power grows. As you let Love in, you will realize THAT THERE IS A BEING THERE! You will realize that this Being seems glued to you. The Love will deepen, and you will in awe realize that THE BEING HAS BECOME SO HAPPY. IT KNOWS YOU AND HAS HELD YOU FOR COUNTLESS EONS. THE BEING AND LOVE ARE THE JOYFUL HEART. FOREVER AND FOREVER YOU WILL ABIDE THERE: THE REAL.

As you progress you will feel the front part of your heart in sweet rapture. Following that, you will note that the sweetness has also moved into your back and perhaps into your head and neck. In your back you may feel strands of Love moving around as strands of Energy circle your ribs and shoulders like wires of Love.


  • Affirm daily that you are in the Real World
  • Open your heart several times a day. If needed, think of things and people you Love.
  • Feel the Joyful Heart. Admit its Power. Let your Love go! Let the Love Heal!

Our next articles will deal with parts two and three of the Angel Squad.

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Charlotte McGinnis

I love that Rev. Dr. Barbara is doing this for us!  How wonderful!

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