ADL Leadership

ADL workers on the Earth plane are carefully chosen to be helpers of the Organization of Light.

We are grateful to the dedication of our Board of Trustees, committee members, and all of our volunteers. Without their guidance and service we could not bring the degree of Love and Light to the Earth plane that we  currently achieve.

Current ADL Board of Trustees



​Rev. Dr. Karen Turek

Chapel 1956,  Reno, NV


Rev. Dr. Karen was ordained with the Alliance of Divine Love in 2012 and received her D.D.M.S. in 2015. She also holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from New Earth Theological University.

Karen’s message to the world is that, “Love is the sum of all Spiritual Laws.” She believes that the Alliance of Divine Love exemplifies this teaching through its blending of many minds into one heart.

As an “End of Life Educator,” she is the Spiritual Care and Bereavement Director for a hospice in Reno, NV. Rev. Dr. Karen incorporates a unique blend of healing modalities into her teaching platform to include her experience as an ADL Minister, Affirmative Prayer Practitioner, Certified Japanese Restoration Therapist, Kundalini Yoga teacher and Vibrational Healer/Sound Immersion Practitioner. Karen also has an extensive background in law, as a paralegal, and is honored to serve on the ADL National Board of Trustees to promote the expansion of our beloved ministry with the Greatest Degree of Love.


Vice President

Rev. John P. Kowalchyk

Chapel #2000  (Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies), East Nassau, NY


John Kowalchyk along with his wife, Heidi are Alliance of Divine Love Ministers, Reiki Masters, Sound Therapists and Drum Circle Facilitators who have been called to follow a spiritual path and guide others along their spiritual journey. It is their passion to offer opportunities and encouragement to people to open them selves to the Divine Love within. As ordained ministers, they are the Founders of Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies, a ministry focused on energy-healing. They offer programs and retreats virtually and hopefully again at their home retreat center in East Nassau, New York (20 miles east of Albany, NY) and venues throughout the country. Areas of interest include: Reiki, Meditation, Spiritual Talks on Facebook Live, A Course in Miracles Study Group, Drum Circles, Mentoring ADL ministerial students, Women's Empowerment and Spiritual Counseling.

Miche Restaino


Rev. Michelle “Miche” Restaino

Chapel #1810, Albuquerque, NM


I was ordained on April 16, 2011 by Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash. The early years of my life were strongly influenced by my parents who I affectionately describe as being maverick Christians. As part of my upbringing, they taught me in words and by example to be an enthusiastic spiritual explorer, to find my own answers, and to act from a heart of compassion and joy. This has served me well throughout my life as I have developed a great love of the endless ways in which humanity has strived to regain, maintain, and strengthen its understanding of and connection with the Divine. Through my personal explorations of various religious traditions, as well as, my university education in Communications Through Culture and Religion, I have realized that underneath the apparent differences of most religious perspectives lies the same foundational idea – that of Divine Love.

Additionally, about seven years ago, I began to realize that the only true satisfaction for me would involve helping others on their individual and unique journeys toward healing and awakening to their oneness with the Divine which is, as we all know, Love. When I first learned of Alliance of Divine Love through my friend and neighbor, Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash back in 2010, I immediately resonated with its teachings and quickly realized that being an ADL minister was a natural next step on my path of spiritual growth and of service to the Divine and to humanity. The idea of thinking, speaking and acting from the greatest degree of Love for the greatest good of all, is such a simple yet profound Truth.

The training I have received through the Alliance of Divine Love has reinforced so much of what I already knew within me, and has helped to clarify many powerful ideas within my heart and mind. I am so very grateful for this aspect of my awakening and desire very much to give back to ADL and to be able to insure as many people as possible have the opportunity to discover and explore these teachings for their greatest good. Serving on the Board of Trustees will be a great opportunity allowing me to meet both of these objectives. ​




Rev. Therese Inzerillo

Chapel #929, Kansas City, Missouri


Rev. Therese Inzerillo was ordained as an ADL minister in 1997.  She is also a Holistic Health practitioner and intuitive.  Rev. Therese has extensively studied world religions and worked with a variety of Interfaith organizations promoting “bridges of understanding” between people of diverse faiths, recognizing that all major religions are based on the same spiritual principles and we are truly all ONE.  Her advocacy for peace and non-violence was the inspiration for her many interfaith peace conferences which she organized and facilitated through the years.  She has served as the President of the Arizona Peace Alliance and an Ambassador for Peace.  She also hosted an international radio show for five years entitled, “Intuitive Living” where she interviewed top spiritual authors, holistic experts and advocates for peace, non-violence, and interfaith.

Rev. Therese is an uplifting inspirational speaker, teacher and healer.  She loves supporting individuals in their spiritual journey by guiding them to listen to and follow their intuition and to discover and hone their own unique spiritual gifts.  She is certified in a variety of holistic modalities, such as massage, Reiki, chakra balancing, reflexology, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, and many others and utilizes these skills to help individuals achieve balance, optimum health, and vitality.  She offers classes, workshops, life coaching, spiritual counseling, healing sessions, intuitive readings, ceremonies, and retreats in sacred sites.  As a mentor she utilizes her wisdom and dedicates herself to supporting her students to blossom into their full potential and strengthen their connection to the Divine.

Margaret (Peg) Gordon

Rev. Dr. Peg Gordon

Chapel #537, Windham, ME


I would Like to Participate on the Alliance of Divine Love Board of Trustee’s.

In April 2000, I was ordained into the Alliance of Divine Love by Rev. Dr. Barbara Hanshaw. In September 2011 I received my DDMS. When I took the Oath of the Rose, I fully understood my obligation to the Alliance of Divine Love. I feel we are in a time of transition. My Love, knowledge and experience will help the ministry as we move into our next phase. There is a need for more education, support and guidance for our ministers and mentors. I am dedicated to pursuing these needs.

Barbara was the Secretary from the very beginning and a founder of the Ministry. She had called on me for assistance many times after my Ordination. I served as the Florida Board after being ordained right up to when I moved to Maine. I had the honor of being the Florida board president for many years. I served as Rev. Dr. Hanshaw’s assistant while she was alive. After the death of Barbara, I served as the administrator and Secretary during the beginning transition and stayed in that position for 2 years. I ran several conferences and assisted in many more. Currently I’m a part of the Education committee. I have recently ordained a minister and have 2 Doctoral students. Mentoring for the Alliance of Divine Love and participating with other minister has enriched my life and spirituality. It is my mission to also enrich the lives of others.


Stacey Bourgeois

Rev. Stacey Bourgeois

Chapel #631, Lilburn, GA


I have been an ADL minister for nearly 24 years and it has been my honor to currently serve on the ADL Board of Trustees.

I have been an ADL minister since 1995, and an ADL mentor for over 10 years. I’m a Spiritual Catalyst, and my ministry is primarily focused on helping others expeditiously move from one phase of their life to another, especially through their most difficult times and circumstances. I also like to put emphasis on integrating core Spiritual principles into the traditional workplace (and more recently through virtual platforms) since this is where many people spend much of their time.

I’m also an emerging Spiritual Neuroscientist, applying advances in neuroscience to Spirituality to help others enhance their lives through hardwiring positivity in their brains.  

articipating with other minister has enriched my life and spirituality. It is my mission to also enrich the lives of others.