ADL Leadership

ADL workers on the Earth plane are carefully chosen to be helpers of the Organization of Light.

We are grateful to the dedication of our Board of Trustees, committee members, and all of our volunteers. Without their guidance and service we could not bring the degree of Love and Light to the Earth plane that we  currently achieve.

Current ADL Board of Trustees

I became an ADL minister in 1976, (Chapel 28), and received my DDMS in 2019. I have enjoyed the journey through the years, as ADL has grown and expanded, always pursuing the greatest degree of love through the sharing of our knowledge and perspectives.

Throughout the years with ADL, I pursued several professional careers while maintaining my affliction with those in need of spiritual healing and guidance.  Upon retirement I have been able to devote the majority of my time grief/loss and spiritual counseling following the principals upon which ADL was founded.

In 2013, I opened the Creative Visual Workshop as a way to share the knowledge that is inside each of us. We all have ways in which to be creative and to reach out to others, sharing not only what we have learned along our personal journey and interaction with others, but as a way in which to learn more of what the light of the Divine Spirit has made available to all, and to let those vibrations resonate through each of us.

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Vice President

Rev. Tony Gogue

Chapel #2056 (Guiding Light Spiritual Center), Hendersonville, NC

Out of the Greatest Degree of Love for our organization, I am serving our ministers on the Board of Trustees. I offer ADL and the Board a vast wealth of knowledge and skills in many different fields, backed with about 14 years of administrative, customer service, operational, and strategic management experience. I have an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology (IT), and a Bachelor’s Degree in IT Management. I am currently pursuing another degree in Film and Video Production. I have been a minister with ADL since 2016, and became a mentor 2019. I have participated in many activities for the benefit of ADL and the community.

Although continuing to serve on the Board is a tremendous honor and distinction, my only personal goal is serving our ministers and organization out of the Greatest Degree of Love and the Highest Good. My intent is to preserve the message of our Founders, yet modernize the delivery method to effectively reach more that are called to perpetuate it. I hope to help empower our ministers with the information resources necessary to build successful ministries. 

I look forward to assisting ADL in continuing a lasting legacy into the future.

I would like to continue serving the ADL community in whatever role the Holy Spirit has for me. I am an asset to the Board due to my background in Board operations and management.

I have a background in legal, document review and Board operations in Florida. As a Licensed Community Association Manager, I am also aware of and accustomed to using parliamentary procedures at meetings. I am skilled in note taking and in meeting minutes. I have a strong background in budgeting, fiscal projections and reserve funding. My background is in mental health counseling and management. I am a well rounded candidate who is able to deliver on the best of the spiritual and physical world.



Rev. Sheri Springer

Chapel #461, Leesburg, Florida

I live in central Florida and was ordained in 1997. I have a BA in English and Secondary Education from Penn State University. I studied with psychic psychologist Renate Moore and at the Indiana Association of Spiritualists School with classes in Spiritual Law, Mediumship, Astrology, Palmistry and Spiritual Counseling-Psychology. I also have training in Healing Touch and Reiki. My corporate experience includes owning and managing Dickinson Management, Inc. (DMI) providing community association management for Jonathan’s Landing and 30 associations in Palm Beach County. For over 15 years I advised Boards of Directors in law compliance, budgets/reserves, expenditures, annual meetings, and resident relations. In retirement, I study for personal growth and concentrate on conscious awareness of Soul’s desires and refining my meditation and channeling skills. For several years I taught a weekly channeling class, “Developing Soul Connection” which I have also shared at an ADL annual gathering.

For seven years I’ve served on the board of the Florida Chapter of ADL. During that time, I served as secretary and I’m into my second year as president. Our focus is to support our Florida ministers in shining their creator light in their unique way. Serving as president is fun, exciting, and challenging. Our Board has been developing a vision over recent years, guided by our spiritual wisdom, to bring the beautiful love light of ADL out of the shadows and into our communities. And we wish to support our ministers as they shine, seeking more opportunities to interact with the world beyond the ADL community.

Now I’ve been spiritually nudged to expand my personal vision to serve on the ADL National Board. I’ve come to believe my experience can benefit this beautiful organization during these challenging and transformational times. I desire for us to bring the energy of love, acceptance, tolerance, and compassion, through our actions, into the New Earth. Holding the vision of love as we continue creating and developing our organization is my guiding light. I seek to serve our ministers, our communities, and our world with love energy.

Board Members at Large


Rev. Janet Olson

Chapel #1577, Lenexa, KS

My name is Janet Olson. I was ordained on April 30, 2006 by LeAnn Stamm. I became ordained as a safety net for my healing work. At the time of my ordination, the laws in Kansas were quite different. Whereas, I could do healing work in the name of God, but doing basic massage or therapeutic touch was hard to get a license for. Over the years my healing abilities have grown. Always seeking to improve my skills.

Being a minister has allowed me to increase the ways I am able to help others. Some of the ways is by the power of thought and the law of attraction. Your thoughts become your reality, allowing others to become fully responsible for their Now and one’s Life. The power of gratitude and seeing your cup half full, rather than half empty. Looking for the truth and one’s part in all situations. Realizing that we are a part of the whole and that we all are one. If I was to say on area has improved more so than any other is my ability to communicate.

I certainly am not a master at any of these, but strive for improvement each day. Practicing the arts of forgiveness, and maintain a grateful heart. Allowing joy to be a part of my life. Knowing that I do not have the Divine Plan, but my dreams are heard and coming true.

Estelle Thibodeau

Rev. Estelle Thibodeau

Chapel #2086, Saint Augustine, FL 

It is not without divinity that we are brought into an opportunity to do what we are called to do. The first part of the journey toward realization of what one must become is found in the challenges prior to the knowledge of that trivialization we are presented with, are just as important in the process as the end result.

The Greater Good encompasses not only the embrace of a new friend, the encouragement of a stranger, the gathering of like minds, the passion of extraordinary and often out of this world beliefs of fellow humans supported and celebrated; But the Greater Good also must endure with the rebuttal of a new friend, the harsh words of a stranger, adversity of unlike minds, dispassion of the ordinary, opposition and disregard. How did it feel to not be part of this Alliance? An oddity walking the earth in search of true family, the true work of the self ? And how did it come to be that crossing the path of one person (a certain Reverend who loves Roses) could open the eyes and finally validate the beauty and assets within?

Being an Alliance of Divine Love Minister is a jolly freedom in my heart, an exclamation mark, a song to sing to the world! And, while some may often wonder about this love and happiness and greater good for all things we've got going on, with a sort of dismissive wave of the hand, there are others out there that are healers of this world, walking around. It is not without Divinity that I am here.

It is for these reasons that I humbly and most gratefully choose to live and teach as a Mentor of the Alliance of Divine Love and continue to my best ability this wonderful and most important endeavor.

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Rev. Liliana Monica Barr

Chapel #1805, Denver, NC

My name is Rev. Liliana Monica Barr. I was ordained an ADL minister in January 2011 and am chapel #1805. I have just recently become involved again with ADL sitting on the Social Media and Marketing, Conference and Tech committees.I would like to be in further service to this powerful organization and, therefore, would welcome being elected to the Board of Trustees of the Alliance of Divine Love. I believe that we can become an even bigger positive influence in the world by encouraging enrollment into our ministerial and doctoral programs so that we can ordain more lighthouses to spread our message of Love and Light.

I have years of experience sitting and leading boards of directors. having chaired a corporate board, a bipartisan political action committee and several volunteer boards. I currently hold positions on three boards. My business experience runs the gamut from banking to being an international technical trainer (IBM, Microsoft & Lotus certified). Presently, I am an ICF certified ontological coach and spiritual mentor supporting my clients through coaching, workshops and retreats. So far, my spiritual journey has led me to studying Ancient Egyptian Mysticism, having travelled to Egypt 4 times walking the path of the initiate. For a few years, I’ve led a study group for “A Course in Miracles” and “A Course of Love”. I am an ordained High Priestess in the Order of Mary Magdalene, Yeshua & Isis. I study metaphysics, Lemurian & Atlantis history, and many Energy Medicine authors such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, etc.I’m a certified Transformational Trainer and Leader. As an enlightened energy healer and Reiki master I enjoy using Selenite Swords of Light, crystals and sound in my healing practice being so thankful to Spirit for guiding me.

With my husband of 36 years, I see a bright future where we can collaboratively bring about Peace, Joy and Abundance. I look forward to being in Service.