Angel Squad - Part 2

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by Rev. Dr. Barbara Selwa

We have spent previous articles on the how-to's of angelic healing squads.We have discussed the three step approach in healing others. First we turn our full attention to the permanent dominating real-world then allow love to pour into our hearts in the front then in the back.The result is mind-boggling.The power flowing through us is omnipotent and of vast strength. Next we move our souls out of their physical bodies using the methods taught recently: imagining a self-image standing in your kitchen and following through by placing your soul body in the kitchen then reaching the imagined image of you and moving while in the soul body image to the person or situation who needs healing. Stand with the others also igniting the Angel squads love power and allow your heart energy to fall with the others into the needed individuals or situation.

Prayer is good as we know, but it does not have the tremendous power the Angel healing technique has. We have discussed previously that you are either Angels already or in training.

We have named many forms of energy and we will discuss the important ones now. It must be said that these energies are defined by both science and religion. The scientists are good at finding the energies but not understanding them. They approach the energies as physical phenomena and remain not knowing the spiritual elements involved.

The most powerful energy of all is love energy. This flows endlessly out of the real world into the atomic and other types of worlds. Love energy feeds all other energies this to remains unknown by science at this time.
But the truth remains. It cannot be erased. This is what is not known: love energy is alive. It is what drives its own motors in creation. Love energy is driven by the "I". "I" of course is God but also human individuals. The electricians of our world, for example, build systems seemingly very dead and inert before activation. What is forgotten is that there was an "I" which wanted electrical systems. It was desired by someone seeking something in the atomic world: earth.

Love energy is in your hearts and all other creations in the lower worlds. It is here that you work out any problems using love energy. Let us give an example: suppose you have a pail that is half full of mud, garbage and bad odor.You have to clean it. Should you put more garbage in or clean it out with good water? Now suppose you have some hurtful bad experiences affecting your happiness. What do you do? Should you phone the people who created this for you and scream obscenities? Or turn to your heart and fill it with Divine love energy until you find your loving solutions?

Yes, I believe you have learned from the above which roads to take. More garbage, more anger, shouting or even shooting never is best. Fill your heart with love energy from the Real World and let the flow move into this situation.