Founder Musings: Message from Angel SD

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Message from our founder, Rev. Dr. Selwa


Hi, beautiful souls, I am writing to you today from sunny, hot Florida. Sure it’s hot. And today I have a message for all you lovely ministers from my Angel, SD, the beautiful.

SD said,

“This time I will begin by writing and speaking from my planet. An age-old scripture of Love. Love is never kept, never bottled. It must always move or flow. Thus the GREAT ONE LOVE in the beginning created the universe through the movement of ITSELF. The need through Love brings about creation and takes place to fulfillment that which is Love.
Divine Love exists within ITSELF and flows not through space time, but through ESSENCE. ESSENCE is emotional heart energy and wraps around all that IS. To Love is to create. To Love is to be created at the same time. To Love is to be blended one into the other. We, Angels, will give you help in turning sorrow, strife and suffering into joy and permanent Love.
I must tell you how good you are. I can see you quite well, and you are so sweet. You live for others and give them love, even if they choose not to accept the love you constantly give from your heart with its soothing nectar. We do not ever forget that you are so good."


Lynda Allen

Loved reading this message from SD...hit the heart spot for me this morning. 
Much love, Rev. Lynda

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Estelle Thibodeau

Rev Dr. Selwa,

Thank you for your post. I want to tell myself today, “I am good” with a big smile and light heart because you have shared what you see, what you have learned, what you believe in all of us. I thank you for

Opening my mind, which was really always knowing, but not believing.  I saw the beings I had leapt into, I believed they were here to know me, see me, and lift up that unusual spark.. they did not. This caused some sadness, some retreat into hiding.  But oh how my heart believed that there are Angels & Guides amongst us, they need not be kin, they need not be that to which you loved first because that is what we are born into.. and how nice to be here, with those that know how extraordinary and full of love we are.  Much gratitude to you Rev Dr Selwa. 

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Rita Scheibeck

Thank you for this beautiful, insightful and uplifting message. 

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