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Breath of a Death Doula

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By Analisa Domenica, ADL Admin


Breath of a Death Doula

My nature as a death doula is to provide comfort for the dying: comfort of mind, emotion, spirit, body, and breath. These are grievous times AND profound pathways for my ilk. Bearing witness from a distance, we encounter the sea of people across the globe, dying without family, friends or doulas by their side; alone without their loved ones. We are naturally inclined and trained for holding pure space, cradling bodies,...

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Poem: Love Is All There Is

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By Rev. Barbara Powers Mayer

Love is All There Is
By Rev Barbara Lee Powers Mayer
licensed, ordained of Alliance of Divine Love since 2001

Love is all that is important to us
So let go strife and let go fuss

Love is in, out and all around
Love is really easy to be found for Valentine's Day 2020
or any day

Love is here, there, and every where
Look for the good and do or dare
Look around and what do you see
Lots of love like the deep blue sea

Family, lovers and friends.
bring wondrous...

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