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Constant Change

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by Rev. Rita Scheibeck

Today we take a few moments to acknowledge the ways that our personal situations and those of our loved ones have changed over the past two years. Even as we read these words, our local, national, and world events continue to impact our individual and collective circumstances.

We can realize that changes are a constant in our earthly lives and in the universes, but we may not always feel prepared for the tasks of meeting challenges without fears or resentments.

In a q…

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ADL Interview Series - Heartland Chapter

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By Rev. Therese Inzerillo

This is the first in the series of interviews with various ADL Ministers. Revs. Greg and Mary McCoy are the President and Secretary, respectively, of The ADL Heartland Chapter, in Kansas City, Missouri. This is an opportunity to get to know them personally and know about the work they and others in The Heartland Chapter are doing. Enjoy!

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Squirrel Call

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by Rev. Mary M. Robertson

Riding my bike through a nearby nature preserve I hear the unique sound of a squirrel, which my mind immediately, and poetically, labeled scolding. I caught a thought. Maybe there’s another interpretation. Maybe it is the sound of the squirrel calling…

During a mindfulness and self-care workshop, during a breakout session, I shared I was a retired nurse before I became a minister. I also shared that I had realized that, while I’ve thought of myself as mostly extrove…

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Gnostic Truths and a New Vision of Easter

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By Rev. Therese Inzerillo

In this talk, I share excerpts from the Gospel of Thomas demonstrating the authority of the Divine within and all around us, as well as shining a light on Jesus' demonstrations of love and how, we too, can transcend the obstacles and challenges in our lives to embody our Christ nature.

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Broken Heart Syndrome - Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy

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by Rev. Dr. Karen Turek, D.D.M.S., Ph.D.

I am often asked, as a bereavement counselor, “Has anyone ever died of a broken heart?” Unfortunately, the answer is “yes.” But allow me to elaborate on my answer. Firstly, most all cases of broken heart syndrome are temporary and do not result in a permanent condition or death. The symptoms that are experienced are brought on by acutely stressful situations and extreme emotions such as the loss of a loved one, a serious accident, a sudden illness, a nat…

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Hot Wheels Weekend Transformation

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By Rev. Brian Kirsch  

OK, Who here has ever seen or played with Hot Wheels?

What has Hot Wheels got to do with me and my spiritual journey? …and more importantly, how can I make it part of my spiritual journey. I mean it sounds like it could be a fun trip to take!

So back years ago, little Harold walks into the toy store. The display of these cool futuristic looking cars captures his attention and more importantly, his imagination. He knows Mom’s not just going to offer to buy him one of the…

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April 14, 2022 – A Special Message

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 by Ana R. Aparicio Fernandez

During my time of contemplation this afternoon, as I sat outside of my apartment listening to the sounds of the city along with the sounds of nature, I was inspired to write the following. I give credit to my Teachers and Guides especially the group of entities I work with, referred to as the Brotherhood of the Light. This message was given to me to share with others, especially in our group. 

“A true Warrior of Light is not one who abodes in a non-eventful enviro…

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Spring Into New Growth and New Beginnings

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by Rev. Dr. Peg Gordon

Spring is by far my favorite time of year, and also one of my busiest times of year. Both of my children were born in March. Everything feels so fresh and new in the Spring. It’s a wonderful time for new beginnings.

Our Board of Trustees has announced a new President. As a member of our ministry, I am grateful for Elf’s leadership in keeping our ministry going for the last eight years. It is with pure selfless dedication when you give your time to something you love dear…

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For Others

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By Rev. Rita Scheibeck

As I pray for others, I now affirm the unfolding good in their lives and in mine. I take a deep inhale, and as I breathe out fully, I release all thoughts of illness, lack, limitation, and in harmony from our collective human experience. I also affirm that we are all born with the power and authority of Divine Source Energy, in the unity and the likeness of the Collective Creators. We are one presence and one power, now and always.

I now allow, acknowledge, accept and affi…

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My Connection to the Holy Spirit

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By Rev. Rita Scheibeck

I now allow, feel and affirm the infusion of Authority, Love and Light into my consciousness. I connect to Infinite Source Energy and to the constantly creating, infinitely powerful Holy Spirit. As I take a few deep breaths, I know that Divine Joy moves in me, through me and as me now, to bless and affirm goodness and right outcomes in all situations.

I now allow, acknowledge, accept, and affirm that these things are so.

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