3 Parts of Being an Angel

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Thank you all who are showing interest in an angel squad and can help structure it. Let us tackle three important parts of being an angel.

We, your ADL angels, have pointed out that in your ADL organization you have mostly angels. This did come as a complete surprise to many of you. For years you have done your wonderful work but did not yet recognize that it was at an angelic level. This is not unique to ADL and it happens to many others.

Before we discuss the three angel parts let us bring out why the angel squad is so important.

It is not a surprise to you that the earth world is changing. It has always had faults, wars, disasters and many other destructive events. Now, however, your world has sunk into some deep problems which urgently need immediate attention. To name a few, we of course have the current virus to contend with, along with weather and temperature changes which are very dangerous.

We must remember here that the outside physical planet is not the real world. There is only the Love Power, anywhere and any time. It does not destruct. It creates through you, your inner Divine Self. When souls are at this level, they become angels. When you know that Good cannot be destroyed NO MATTER WHAT you are on the angelic track.

Thus, we move into the first part of being an angel: An angel becomes more and more strong as the mundane world is understood as a playground orb.

Its existence depends upon Love Energy for its constantly changing events and products. Much of its elements emerge from the physical changing, atomic structures. It is often trivial and not focused on what will bring about a better world. It fixates on the physical here and now.

Will the Yankees win this year? Why doesn't that guy get off the road so people can drive? Jesus Christ! And so on.

As you become an angel you will find yourself slipping into that mode once in a while. Do not feel guilty. Keep on the angel track.

A tip to help you to focus on the Real World: Set a time in your daily life when you will reaffirm, over and over, that which is real. When you are doing this reach out to the Real World. As you explore it let your heart drink in Divine Love. Once you spiritually taste this you will grow onward and upward into the Real Life. The mundane one will drop gently off as you move into Love focus.

Next we take a look at angel travel. Many of you have left your bodies and pushed your soul into the spiritual world. You may have done it in your sleep. Or, you may be healing someone or something from a distance. Or, you could have gone out of your body after a trauma.

If you have not traveled in this matter you will be taught how to do it, and how to "fly" to persons needing help. Part of this will be done in your next ADL meeting this fall. You may be asking if you really do fly. The answer is yes, your soul is free and can go anywhere.

Now, you do not ordinarily fly as angels are depicted in pictures. You may, however, decide to create the pretty white wings which will flap as you move out of your body toward the situation you will heal. Or, you will come as you are.

We have been saying that healing is involved, and it is the third aspect of angel work.

Our process hangs together: First we understand the Real World and how we operate in it. WHEN WE TOUCH THE REAL WORLD we will feel Love first on the front side of our physical body. We will learn to open our hearts to the Heart of Hearts and Love will pour into our heart.

As this goes on we will begin to feel the Heart of Hearts also pour into the BACK side of our heart. You will feel it flowing around in a sweet uplifting energy. There will be places which will feel like wires guiding our Love. These are the old fashioned wings depicted so often in antiquity.

We will bring out more information as we go deeper into angel range. Just for now practice the above and you will be filled with Love, ready to fly and holding the Power in your hearts to take away pain and anguish. Practice, practice practice!

~Your ADL Angels


Margaret(Peg) Gordon

Much of this is studied in our DDMS course. When a student say's wow I have meditated but never had such a beautiful outer body experience like I just experienced. The overwhelming Love. I never quite thought of it as being Angelic but it makes so much sense. When we all meet for conferences and are so connected it's like a meeting of the angelic realm. Have we come to the earth at this specific time? Can we all come together without being in the same room to bring the needed Love and Healing to this planet?  Our work is so needed at this time. My heart is full. As Kevin Taylor has said Bloom baby Bloom.

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Stacey M Bourgeois

Thank you Barbara!  This is an affirmation of what I’ve been feeling and a reminder of who we really are.

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Aingeal Rose O'Grady

Well written, well timed and well received!

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