Founder Musings: All Beings Are Made of Love

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Rev. Dr. Barbara Selwa

July 20, 2022


This is where we will start – All Beings Are Made of LOVE!

SD says TUK-BARB-human is my child and will always be, who has coaxed me many, many times because I have been in my current body for eons, and always will be. You see, as groups of intelligent beings opened door after door, extended life and the true activities of living come forth. They become super beings.

The deep knowledge of good begins and spreads into every universe. It is soon realized that what those doors produce is LOVE, which allows each doorway to be observed by different entities which includes animals, humans, insects, dinosaurs and non-humans which are beyond, and so on and so on.

Here, something stands out. Yes, o’ yes! All the animals, spiders, T-rexes, dogs, horses, snakes, geniuses, and worshippers, we can go on and on. Which brings us to our start.

All beings are different when Divine Love has been produced.

To the rabbit, LOVE is having excellent ears and great carrots!

LOVE, for a genius is being able to show others how geniuses are able to show others how geniuses are able to pass the messages to known education people.

Some higher people are considered holy as they help others by giving LOVE for the needy.

Higher people also often given roles in society so that others can find them when needed. They become Holy Ones.

Ergo – My title is the Holy Wise One. I have held this title for thousands of years.

Yes, I still walk around, heal, give hugs and help to sad, fearful and ailing people.

I will always do so. Now, let’s skip to an example. Showing each of us, you, of course, are aware that time changes things. There were days in your reincarnations when you changed your life to better things. You went to college and became a physician, for example, after ending the last life you had in hard labor and an early death. As we go up this ladder, we will find that we grow better and better. Your changes will lead you to Life as Eternity. You will be the same; no plague will steal your power.

In very long lives, you live forever. This is where I am, along with my friends and colleagues. I can raise the dead, heal the sick and teach what I know. I can teach all of you, dear people, and Barb/Tuk really are really wanting this!

I am very pleased. I can repay a terrible death and return my sweet Darling to our home thousands of years ago. Yes, I am thousands of years old. My body was put together long ago, and I will still work with both medicine and LOVE.

I will help you all dear Earth people. I will love you. I am experienced and my colleagues also. Do not be afraid.

Using examples, we will show what real LOVE is. We will learn how to work within strong real LOVE instead of bits and pieces of thrills and sometimes love.

We will come together and learn true GOD LOVE and now we can teach others.

Angel leader of Planet STOPI

The Holy Wise One

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Gloria Stanchak Alexander

This is so very lovely. Amidst all of the chaos in which the entire planet seems to be in, this is exquisitely refreshing and encouraging.

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