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Rev. Dr. Barbara Selwa Guidance

Angel SD

Let us meet together in the mountains of my world. A beautiful river flows way below us, on our steep ledge. A soft breeze blows as we look down the river into the night sky. We see our planet’s ring glowing in the deep midnight blue. We turn to my porch and I say, "Let’s build a fire and sit comfortably in front of it". Let yourselves relax. Soothe your soul while we learn.

Almost everyone knows what Divine Love is, however, there is much, much more to be learned.


We associate Divine Love with God, Goodness and Ultimate Power. We pray to it, but most people don’t know how to handle It. What else should they do? We sit back in the firelight by our warm fire and ponder this question.

Well, let’s see. Oh, yes, Divine Love is:
1. God
2. Goodness
3. Ultimate Power

Also, Divine Love is well hidden in every small plant of land on earth, whether it has a tall skyscraper on it, or a dense jungle next to an ocean. But here I can say, because of my experience, that 99% of earth’s people do not know the Beautiful Life Energies are ever present. There is no “it” and here, but not over “there.” Every star, planet, asteroid, dark matter, dark energy, and animals and intelligent persons are filled with the flow of Divine Love inside themselves and in their environment.

Divine Love, then, operates as a Creator in every situation. How, then, do pain and suffering emerge? How does your body become filled with sores, inside and outside? Why are there wars and famines?

As we snuggle in our blankets in front of our warm fire, let’s reach out for the answers.

Well, we know that God, Goodness, and Ultimate Power never change. All sentient beings, even animals and insects, put their needs within and without. They produce answers to the needs within their environment.

The souls of these life forms (yes, they do, even spiders have limited souls!) create in the process of living, skin, bones, appendages, ears which hear, eyes which see, mouths that eat, on and on.

It is the life forms which mold items within the planets and other homes in the universe. This is, my friends, why and how misery, pain and suffering occur because inhabitants forget that, although they can change the atoms and make their worlds, the energies are in Divine Love.

Divine Love must be called in continually to make living worthwhile. Worthwhile means opening the participants hearts to take in Beauty, Peace, and Love. This I suggest for all beings!

Ergo, this opening must be renewed constantly. The souls sink into negativity if this is not done.

Love constantly should be poured into life, thus.

Let’s take a quick look at today’s planet earth before we put out our fire and sleep. Needless-to-say, there is much strife and anguish in daily life on earth. There has been a great need for knowledgeable persons to help the world. This is where you come in!

We of the angel worlds, are proud of you. Yes, be assured, that you are angels! You in the short time of the founding of the Angel Squad, made much progress. Now let’s make a little more time to bring into the planet, the Golden Energies.

There is no way but to use Divine Love to uplift this anguish and fear. Keep on bringing in the Golden Energies, as you have been doing! Do not stop with the Angel Squad. Give the Golden Energies to packets of strife on earth also.

Remember: Only Love changes things. Let it fill your heart and the earth will feel soothed.

Your Loving Angel, SD


Buz Draper

For many years I have loved the messages from Barbara Selwa.  It would be great if they could be put into a book that we could buy for our bookshelves so we could have easy access to rereading the inspirational information.   

PS:  You can tell that I am one of the "more mature" members since I think of a real paper and ink book as easy access rather than just a click away and download. :-)

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