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Annie's Corner - February 2021

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Annie Nelson is a new ministerial student with ADL and a hypnotherapist in North Carolina. Every month she writes a column for her neighborhood paper and February's concept was on hope. We thought it might also be a good sentiment to share with the ADL community. Welcome, Annie and thank you.

Annie’s Corner (February 2021)

Hello Neighbor! I hope you are in good health, optimistic about the year ahead, and are enjoying our winter season.

The New Year always finds me doing some soul searching; …

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Rev. Ed Carrasquillo - Our Solstice Cairn Maker

ADL Blog-Our Solstice Cairn Maker Rev Ed Carrasquillo -2021_01

By Revs. Brian and Pam Crissey

Here in Western North Carolina, we gathered 20 people around a sacred fire that was started ceremoniously at the moment of solstice at 5:04 a.m. and kept going until sunset. Everyone was smudged, and we carried out the ancient Aboriginal commencement ceremony for gathering around a fire, each one facing the fire, giving a gift, tapping Mother Earth six times and then being joined by the next one to the right, until all tapped together six times and the group was a…

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Essence of the Month: Lavender (January 2021)

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by Rev. Shellie Enteen

There is no better way to begin the Aromatic Year than with a discussion of Lavender (Lavandula officinalis), as it is generally thought of as “the one essence to have if you can have only one.” The beautiful purple flowers have made Lavender a popular garden plant in many countries. From ancient times, it has been used as a strewing, sachet, and bath herb (its name deriving from the Latin lavare, to wash.) For aromatic qualities, the finest Lavender is produced in Englan…

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Bach Flower of the Month: Mimulus (January 2021)

ADL Blog-Bach Flower of the Month_Mimulus-2021_01

by Rev. Shellie Enteen

By way of introduction, the first series of articles on the Bach Flower of the Month will focus on the Twelve Healers. These were the original remedies discovered in the 1920s and 30s by English physician Dr. Edward Bach as he searched for a totally noninvasive method to heal all ills—physical, mental, and emotional—a goal he had since childhood. He was an intuitive, observant ‘sensitive’ who recognized the effect of the mind’s negative vibration on the body and the resul…

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How I was led to The Alliance of Divine Love

ADL Blog_How I was led to The Alliance of Divine Love_Carolyn Harris

by Rev. Dr. Carolyn Harris

One day I received an invitation embossed with gold in the mail. I had been invited to join the Universal Spiritual Healer’s Association. Thinking I’d never heard of that, I set it aside.

When my husband Harry was going through the mail that evening, he said, “What’s this?”

And I said, “Heaven only knows. Just toss it.”

He thought I should follow up on it and at least find out what it was about. Next morning I called the number and was answered by a man named Rusty…

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I Am Your Mother

ADL Blog - I Am your Mother_Brian Crissey

By Rev. Brian Crissey

I am your Mother.

You are but fetuses in my womb.

Yet so many of you believe you can destroy your surroundings without injuring yourselves.

In this you are mistaken.

The time has come
when I must get your attention and speak to you.

Mine is the song of the wind
that topples trees weakened by your clear cutting.

Mine is the cold breath of the north
that bursts your pipes
and sends a chill of recognition down your spine.

Mine is the pristine blanket of snow
that caves in y…

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The Invisible Virus That's ​​​​​​​Changing Our Lives!

ADL blog_The Invisible Virus That's ​​​​​​​Changing Our Lives_2020_04

By Rev. Pamela Meyer Crissey, ADL Admin 

The Invisible Virus That's ​​​​​​​Changing Our Lives!

For many years we have witnessed and experienced the increase of busy-ness in our lives. Many express the feeling of how fast time is going. Parents are toting kids to endless sports practices and classes while holding down jobs. We hardly have time to breathe. Too many Americans hold down several part-time jobs just to make ends meet, and then they come home exhausted. Then 2020 arrives with all of …

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Breath of a Death Doula

ADL blog_Breath of a Death Doula_2020_04

By Analisa Domenica, ADL Admin 

Breath of a Death Doula

My nature as a death doula is to provide comfort for the dying: comfort of mind, emotion, spirit, body, and breath. These are grievous times AND profound pathways for my ilk. Bearing witness from a distance, we encounter the sea of people across the globe, dying without family, friends or doulas by their side; alone without their loved ones. We are naturally inclined and trained for holding pure space, cradling bodies, synchronizing peace…

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Poem: Love Is All There Is

ADL Blog-Love Is All There Is_Poem_2020_02

By Rev. Barbara Powers Mayer

Love is All There Is
By Rev Barbara Lee Powers Mayer
licensed, ordained of Alliance of Divine Love since 2001😄 😍💜🌹

Love is all that is important to us ❤️
So let go strife and let go fuss 🥺

Love is in, out and all around 😃😃😃
Love is really easy to be found 💕 for Valentine's Day 2020
or any day 💕

Love is here, there, and every where 💕
Look for the good and do or dare 💕
Look around and what do you see😅
Lots of love like the deep blue sea 🐬

Family, lovers and friends.💕

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