Hot Wheels Weekend Transformation

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By Rev. Brian Kirsch  

OK, Who here has ever seen or played with Hot Wheels?

What has Hot Wheels got to do with me and my spiritual journey? …and more importantly, how can I make it part of my spiritual journey. I mean it sounds like it could be a fun trip to take!

So back years ago, little Harold walks into the toy store. The display of these cool futuristic looking cars captures his attention and more importantly, his imagination. He knows Mom’s not just going to offer to buy him one of the cars, let alone some orange flexible track. Harold prepares to be in any mode he needs to get into so as to manipulate Mom into making the initial purchase…even if it means to get into tantrum mode. OMG, Harold’s Mom is intrigued too! Harold ends up with a great new Hot Wheels set of track and cars and is ready to roll.

Harold’s Dad, who has been trudging through the week at work, gets home to enjoy the weekend. With excitement, he notices the bright colors of the new project that awaits him. The set of Hot Wheels intercepts his call to the dinner table while Harold has already negated to think or hear anything other than the fantasy of the flashy car’s roar down the straight open path created by the bright orange trajectory.

Quite the elaborate flight path gets set up by Harold and his pit crew, which includes Mom, Dad and even Flo, the family cat.

The miniature dream machines speed down the route that is artistically designed with anticipation of what could be a flawless run...except they don’t take Flo’s participation into the equation. While Flo’s curiosity was an added side entertainment as she pounced on what was viewed as a treat, Harold and the rest of the crew enjoyed the challenge of seeing how they could make it to the path’s end in record time. Enter the supercharger station!

As weeks go by, Team Harold builds on their excursions by executing new turns, loops, straight-a-ways, jumps and more. The realization is that as the miniature extensions of themselves go through the tracks, sometimes a little pick-me-up is needed. Just like the awaited weekends give the team a regeneration, a supercharger station lights another fire in the little gems to maneuver the paths so they can not only finish, but to finish in style.

For most of us, the weekends start on Friday. What if folks assembled together to design a team’s track at the beginning of the weekend? We engage in the creative energy so we experience the weekend as a supercharger station for our directed missions as a team. When the Flo’s of the world bat our momentum with their paws of terror, we are able to respond and even react with amusement knowing that Flo’s action are coming from enjoyment rather than the assumed “negative energy” that has infiltrated much of our society.

Our humorous reactions allow us to quickly switch and operate from a directed action. Loving actions flow because everyone’s best interest is taken into consideration. Directed actions of “Earned Income Strategies” that are in alignment with our own missions can come to fruition when we come to experience the actions as fun and enjoyable past times. We have everything we need to start. We can always change the track’s pathway. Set the first track, roll the first Hot Wheel!


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