Spring Into New Growth and New Beginnings

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by Rev. Dr. Peg Gordon

Spring is by far my favorite time of year, and also one of my busiest times of year. Both of my children were born in March. Everything feels so fresh and new in the Spring. It’s a wonderful time for new beginnings.

Our Board of Trustees has announced a new President. As a member of our ministry, I am grateful for Elf’s leadership in keeping our ministry going for the last eight years. It is with pure selfless dedication when you give your time to something you love dearly.

Elf has passed the baton on to Rev. Dr. Karen Turek. I always trust the guides and my heart when it comes to our ministry. Karen has been doing the Angel Squad with Dr. Selwa. I feel Karen is here to guide our ministry into the next fifty years and beyond. As a member of our ministry, it is my observation that our ministry is needed in a big way at the present time. I believe Karen’s leadership will help us incorporate traditions and see a vision for the future.

Dr. Selwa has said several times lately there is so much more for us to learn and share. Keep sharing the Love. The foundation and founder are strong. The Love has never been stronger.


Mary Robertson

Thank you for this update. Thank you Rev. Elf for your service. We are grateful to look toward the future in ever greater love and light. ❣️🌹❤️Rev. Mary Robertson

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Lynda Allen

Thank you, Rev. Peg for such a positive and uplifting message to help us all be comfortable with the important changes at ADL. Thank you, Rev. Elf, for your leadership, wisdom and heart. Welcome aboard, Rev. Karen!  🌹❤️ Rev. Lynda Sloan Allen

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