Angel Wings

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by Rev. Allen Reed, Jr.

"Man is the highest form of creation, even more so than the angels, for man aspires to freedom."    -Paramahansa Yogananda

For as long as I can remember I have always been connected to the angelic realms.

My very first encounter was at the age of three. It was late at night and I found myself awakened by the sound of music. A thousand water based instruments and another thousand voices of the highest pitch. Even at such a tender age, I instinctually knew the musi…

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Bach Flower of the Month: GENTIAN (April 2021)

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by Rev. Shellie Enteen

Following emotional Pisces and dynamic Aries, the sign of Taurus brings us back to earth with sensory delight.

Taurus wants to touch, taste, and smell the world around it. It wants to build and, most of all, it wants to preserve: the status quo, resources, relationships, and values. If “me” was Aries’ word, “mine” is the word for Taurus.

Photo of a Gentian flower blooming in the sunshine

However, as stable and grounded as Taurus may sound, it can become insecurity and develop into a pattern of “holding on” that become…

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Essence of the Month: ROSE GERANIUM (April 2021)

ADL Blog_Essence of the Month_2021_04_Header Image_Rose Geranium

by Rev. Shellie Enteen

Spring has sprung! In the Northern climates, the aroma of renewal is carried on the breeze as trees display the yellow/green of new growth and flowers burst forth into pastel hues of pink, yellow, blue, and lavender. Throughout the Northern Hemisphere, the season brings an increase in energy and activity. Birds are nest-building and people begin to focus on socializing and romance. It is a time of optimism -- a new beginning -- a time to clear out the old and embrace the …

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Star Encounters - April 2021

ADL Blog_Star Encounters_2021_04_April Header Image

By Rev. Joy "Aphrodette" Gambon

Happy Birthday, Aries!

Image of a Fiery Aries Woman

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This NEW MOON is in ARIES and occurs on April 11, 2021 10:30:41pm EDST. The lunation chart reveals a major stellium of planets in Aries! The Lights, Venus, Mercury and Chiron are all traveling close together in the Heavens! The Lights and Venus are in square to Plut…

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Plague Poetry

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by Rev. Analisa Domenica


Even through the smoky haze of charred and pungent mind ash,
It is clear to see
And sometimes painful to watch
The writhing throes of agony he endures
In order to know.
He screams and cries and wails
Proclaiming he will quit soon
(“I’ll end this search! I’m done! I cannot get there!”)
Because this feverish exhaustion of seeking
May just be getting the better of him.

On some afternoons, still,
He knocks at the door
Of someone who appears to know.
This one who appe…

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Essence of the Month: ROSEMARY (March 2021)

adl blog_essence of the month_2021_03_header image_rosemary

by Rev. Shellie Enteen

When Shakespeare’s Ophelia said, “There’s Rosemary, that’s for remembrance,” she was parroting a well-known fact in Elizabethan times.

For the Greeks and Romans, rosemary was a sacred plant, used for religious ceremonies and carried at both weddings and funerals. Traces of rosemary have been found in the tombs of Pharaohs and it was also planted on graves in Asia. In France, it was a fumigant for sick rooms and churches. The English covered pounded-dirt floors with these…

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Bach Flower of the Month: IMPATIENS (March 2021)

adl blog_bach flower_2021_03_impatiens header image

by Rev. Shellie Enteen

One of the first remedies created by Dr. Bach, this flower’s name says it all. The negative Impatiens state is common and easily identified. Who cannot relate to the word “impatience” and the accompanying irritability and ill-temper of this state of being, even if this is only seen in the frustration of driving behind a slow car when you’re late for an appointment? But for some of us, impatience is more a “way of life,” or can become prominent under a certain circumstance…

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Annie's Corner - March 2021

adl blog_annies corner_2021_03_header image

by Rev. Annie Nelson

Hello ADL Community! I hope this time finds you doing well, in good health and enjoying the change of the seasons with family and friends.

Often when I say the word “hello” I think about the song with that title (by Adele); and it always makes me smile and feel hopeful, for the lyrics are about reconnecting, which is an important aspect of life and much needed now where life still appears to be in some form of flux.

So I went on a quest to find people, places, and things …

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Star Encounters - March 2021

adl blog_astrological update_star encounters_2021_03

By Rev. Joy “Aphrodette” Gambon

colorful pisces fish image

Happy Birthday, Pisces!

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This NEW MOON IS IN PISCES and occurs on March 13, 2021 at 05:21 AM EST. The Lights, Neptune and Venus are all conjunct in Pisces! Psychic sensitivity as well as unconditional love are big themes in this cycle! Dreams, illusion, imagination and faith take center stage.…

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Angel Squad for the Alliance of Divine Love

ADL blog_Founder Musings_2021_02

Rev. Dr. Barbara Selwa Guidance

Angel Squad for the Alliance of Divine Love

Before we begin, let us bring out some things describing The Holy Wise One. He is not incarnated on earth, but lives in a world that is classified as an angel. This means that it is higher spiritually than Earth, i.e., no wars, hunger, or cruelty there - a step above ours. The Holy Wise One is also called SD.

I, Barbara Selwa, have known him for a very long time, and I don't know what I would do if I didn't have his w…

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