Spring Into New Growth and New Beginnings

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by Rev. Dr. Peg Gordon

Spring is by far my favorite time of year, and also one of my busiest times of year. Both of my children were born in March. Everything feels so fresh and new in the Spring. It’s a wonderful time for new beginnings.

Our Board of Trustees has announced a new President. As a member of our ministry, I am grateful for Elf’s leadership in keeping our ministry going for the last eight years. It is with pure selfless dedication when you give your time to something you love dear…

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For Others

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By Rev. Rita Scheibeck

As I pray for others, I now affirm the unfolding good in their lives and in mine. I take a deep inhale, and as I breathe out fully, I release all thoughts of illness, lack, limitation, and in harmony from our collective human experience. I also affirm that we are all born with the power and authority of Divine Source Energy, in the unity and the likeness of the Collective Creators. We are one presence and one power, now and always.

I now allow, acknowledge, accept and affi…

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My Connection to the Holy Spirit

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By Rev. Rita Scheibeck

I now allow, feel and affirm the infusion of Authority, Love and Light into my consciousness. I connect to Infinite Source Energy and to the constantly creating, infinitely powerful Holy Spirit. As I take a few deep breaths, I know that Divine Joy moves in me, through me and as me now, to bless and affirm goodness and right outcomes in all situations.

I now allow, acknowledge, accept, and affirm that these things are so.

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The Weakest Link

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By Rev. Brian Kirsch  

I looked up the meaning to what is meant by “The Weakest Link”. Here’s what I found: “The person who is making the least contribution to the collective achievement of a group.” Let’s play with this idea for a moment.

Working with organizations in the past that “helped the less fortunate” always had me thinking. When serving food to the hungry of the community, most volunteers eventually have the thought that some of these people really don’t need the support. However, th…

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ADL Newsletter | January 2022

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Announcing a NEW ADL Newsletter - THE ROSE - As we continue to improve how we do things, we are moving to a new newsletter format. This new style blends the traditional printed newsletter feel with a modern, digital world user experience. In other words, when viewing this online, buttons and links are clickable to access more information.
Your feedback is how we improve, so let us know what you think about this new newsletter format.

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All That I Am

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By Rev. Rita Scheibeck

As I take a few deep breaths, I center myself and tune into the essence of Divine Source. I become more open to the spiritual guidance available to me, now and in every moment, and I know that Love is the only power in the universe.

As the unconditional free flow of Divine Love surrounds, comforts, fulfills and sustains me, I realize that I am loved and valued, now and always. I love myself just as I am, for there is no one in creation exactly like me.

I am unique, sp…

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Is It Possible To Forgive The Unforgiveable?

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By Rev. Susan Z. Rich

In today’s energy of fear, hatred, unbending beliefs and our whole way of life being challenged. We have all felt resentment, pain, rage and the desperate need for retaliation of an injustice done to you or someone else. There are so many levels of unforgiveness we carry and sometimes act out, it would be impossible to name them all. Regardless if it is a moment of road rage, years of childhood abuse, betrayal, an injustice never made right or small as a slight indignity g…

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Manifestation Monday

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By Rev. Estelle Thibodeau                                                                   

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“In the beginning,was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was  GOD. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”  “In the beginning, God Created the …

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Star Encounters - January 2022

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By Rev. Joy “ Aphrodette” Gambon, ADL

 Happy Birthday, Capricorn!


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This NEW MOON occurs on January 2, 2022, at 01:33:20 PM EST! The Lights are kissing in Capricorn and form a double trine to retrograde Uranus in Taurus. Both Retrograde Venus and Pluto in Capricorn form a double sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter i…

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