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Annie’s Corner - June 2021

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by Rev. Annie Nelson


I pray all is well as we “live forward” creating a better world today and for all of our tomorrows. I’d like to share some insights with you from some recent experience(s) I’ve had, and I do this in recognition of life’s synchronicity and the Divine Consciousness (awareness/unity with God) that I’m feeling so blessed to have experienced and need to share.

I recently made a decision to move to a new city, recognizing that I needed to be living in a more progressive…

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Message from the Masters: New Moon Celestial Gathering - June 2021

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Transcribed by Rev. Theresa Crabtree

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are always en-light-ened by the time we spend in communion with you. It is our highest hope and desire that you will take time from your busy day to commune with your “Higher Self” and personal Spirit Team more often, preferably on a daily basis.

This communion is essential for anyone who is diligent about pursuing enlightenment during their current incarnation. It is simple to do, but one’s busy-ness, disbelief and resistance makes…

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Angel Wings

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by Rev. Allen Reed, Jr.

"Man is the highest form of creation, even more so than the angels, for man aspires to freedom."    -Paramahansa Yogananda

For as long as I can remember I have always been connected to the angelic realms.

My very first encounter was at the age of three. It was late at night and I found myself awakened by the sound of music. A thousand water based instruments and another thousand voices of the highest pitch. Even at such a tender age, I instinctually knew the musi…

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Message from the Masters: New Moon Celestial Gathering

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Transcribed by Rev. Theresa Crabtree


We are well pleased for this opportunity to communicate with you. We know that you have many questions about the universe and how to connect with your Guides. Many of you have had glimpses of your Heavenly Helpers and snippets of information that have come through so clearly that you knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it was truly an inspirational thought from a benevolent Being much wiser than you.

In order to increase these communication…

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Rev. JoAnna Phoenix on Wellness Hub

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By Rev. JoAnna Phoenix

Watch on YouTube:

Hi, my name is Rev. JoAnna Phoenix. I enjoy working with individuals of any religious or spiritual background. I respect all paths to wholeness!

As well as being a trans-denominational minister, I am also a Transformational Life Coach and Reiki Master/Teacher. I help people both remotely and in my Reiki studio.

I love teaching Reiki Energy Healing and other holistic life-enhancing skills at my Heart's Path S…

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Remember Who You Are Child; Thou art Light

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by Rev. Allen Reed, Jr.

Dreams are powerful portals of perception and guidance and as a society it is our innate duty to ourselves, mankind and to GOD in our modern age to reclaim this lost ancient practice, for the subconscious speaks to us in dreams in its own language of symbols.  It only speaks one language and symbols is it, so we must learn its language to better understand ourselves.

There are many treasures that await us all in the dream world. Treasures that shamans knew the truth a…

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Bach Flower of the Month: GENTIAN (April 2021)

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by Rev. Shellie Enteen

Following emotional Pisces and dynamic Aries, the sign of Taurus brings us back to earth with sensory delight.

Taurus wants to touch, taste, and smell the world around it. It wants to build and, most of all, it wants to preserve: the status quo, resources, relationships, and values. If “me” was Aries’ word, “mine” is the word for Taurus.

Photo of a Gentian flower blooming in the sunshine

However, as stable and grounded as Taurus may sound, it can become insecurity and develop into a pattern of “holding on” that become…

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Essence of the Month: ROSE GERANIUM (April 2021)

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by Rev. Shellie Enteen

Spring has sprung! In the Northern climates, the aroma of renewal is carried on the breeze as trees display the yellow/green of new growth and flowers burst forth into pastel hues of pink, yellow, blue, and lavender. Throughout the Northern Hemisphere, the season brings an increase in energy and activity. Birds are nest-building and people begin to focus on socializing and romance. It is a time of optimism -- a new beginning -- a time to clear out the old and embrace the …

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Plague Poetry

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by Rev. Analisa Domenica


Even through the smoky haze of charred and pungent mind ash,
It is clear to see
And sometimes painful to watch
The writhing throes of agony he endures
In order to know.
He screams and cries and wails
Proclaiming he will quit soon
(“I’ll end this search! I’m done! I cannot get there!”)
Because this feverish exhaustion of seeking
May just be getting the better of him.

On some afternoons, still,
He knocks at the door
Of someone who appears to know.
This one who appe…

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Essence of the Month: ROSEMARY (March 2021)

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by Rev. Shellie Enteen

When Shakespeare’s Ophelia said, “There’s Rosemary, that’s for remembrance,” she was parroting a well-known fact in Elizabethan times.

For the Greeks and Romans, rosemary was a sacred plant, used for religious ceremonies and carried at both weddings and funerals. Traces of rosemary have been found in the tombs of Pharaohs and it was also planted on graves in Asia. In France, it was a fumigant for sick rooms and churches. The English covered pounded-dirt floors with these…

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