Star Encounters - August 2020

ADL blog_Astrological Update_Star Encounters_2020_08

By Rev. Joy “Aphrodette” Gambon

Happy Birthday, Leo!

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This FULL MOON is in Aquarius and occurs on August 3, 2020 at 11:58:38 AM EDST. It forms a fixed T-Square to the Sun in Leo and Uranus in Taurus. It also forms a sweet sextile to retrograde Chiron in Aries! It is important to stay grounded as we follow our heart and use High…

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Ombudsman Writings - July 2020

ADL blog_Ombudsman Writings_2020_07

By Rev. Randy Fillmore

"Just When I Thought..."

There are times when I do not know where to begin.  As I plan to navigate the start of each day, I start from a place of calm; generally after my time of morning meditation and prayer with my wife.  It's in that planning that we try to center ourselves and begin the day with new eyes, and new energy, a new perspective. The forced isolation allows for reflective introspection, but really, there's only so much self-analysis that one can take.

The …

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Angel Squad - Part 2

ADL blog_Founder Musings_2020_07


by Rev. Dr. Barbara Selwa

We have spent previous articles on the how-to's of angelic healing squads.We have discussed the three step approach in healing others. First we turn our full attention to the permanent dominating real-world then allow love to pour into our hearts in the front then in the back.The result is mind-boggling.The power flowing through us is omnipotent and of vast strength. Next we move our souls out of their physical bodies using the methods taught recently: imagining a s…

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Star Encounters - July 2020

ADL blog_Astrological Update_Star Encounters_2020_07.png

By Rev. Joy “Aphrodette” Gambon

Happy Birthday, Cancer!

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This FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs on July 5, 2020 at 12:44:16 AM EDST. The Full Moon is in Capricorn opposing both the Sun and retrograde Mercury in Cancer as they T-Square Chiron in Aries. It also forms a beautiful trine to Uranus in Taurus. We desire security and stabil…

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Star Encounters - June 2020

ADL blog_Astrological Update_Star Encounters_2020_06

By Rev. Joy “Aphrodette” Gambon

Happy Birthday, Gemini!

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This FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse occurs on June 5, 2020 at 03:12:15 PM EDST! The Gemini Sun and retrograde Venus in that sign form a double opposition to the Sagittarian Moon! Mars in Pisces is in T-square with this configuration. Ideas can be expressed and shared in an amazing…

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The Sky Picture - June 2020

ADL blog-Astrology Update-The Sky Picture_2020_06

By Rev. Linda Bender

The Sun is in Gemini through the 20th. Gemini is a mutable air sign and very sociable. Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury which symbolizes communication; Gemini’s are very verbal people. They usually “talk with their hands.” They can be very scattered as their minds are darting in all directions and they can become easily bored. They can be very mercurial and they are the mediators. They have a year of change and revelations ahead of them.

The Full Moon is June 5th in Sagi…

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I Am Your Mother

ADL Blog - I Am your Mother_Brian Crissey

By Rev. Brian Crissey

I am your Mother.

You are but fetuses in my womb.

Yet so many of you believe you can destroy your surroundings without injuring yourselves.

In this you are mistaken.

The time has come
when I must get your attention and speak to you.

Mine is the song of the wind
that topples trees weakened by your clear cutting.

Mine is the cold breath of the north
that bursts your pipes
and sends a chill of recognition down your spine.

Mine is the pristine blanket of snow
that caves in y…

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Angel Squad - Part 1

ADL blog_Founder Musings_2020_05

by Rev. Dr. Barbara Selwa

It has been said before that you of the Alliance of Divine Love are strong allies of Love. We have watched you, and this statement is very true. This ability to put Love to work in your life and the lives of others, is much needed on Planet Earth today.

Most of you have noticed that your physical world has made many changes recently, some of which are strange and negative. Storms have killed, outlaws have murdered, viruses have taken grandparents away from grandchildr…

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Meet Your ADL Website

ADL Webinar-MeetYourADLWebsite_May2020

Have questions about the new ADL website?

Join us for this LIVE webinar Monday, May 18, from 7:00 - 8:00 PM (EST).

During the first portion of the webinar, we will go over general topics. These topics will include:

1) How to navigate the new ADL website.
2) How to find answers to your questions.
3) How ministers and mentors can leverage the new ADL website to enhance their ministry.

The remainder of the webinar will be devoted to answering your specific questions.

Yes, this webinar will be re…

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Ombudsman Writings - May 2020

ADL blog_Ombudsman Writings_2020_05

By Rev. Randy Fillmore, ADL Ombudsman

It still continues to be somewhat difficult to turn on the television without seeing some of the continuous COVID-19 news coverage spanning the current state and conditions from across the globe and now across the United States. Before I could get to the remote control to change the channel, I starting using “soft ears” or “soft listening”, similar to the “soft eyes” or “slightly out of focus” technique, I heard the distinction in the news coverage when cou…

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