Wise Words Wednesday with Rev. Deb - Week 8

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We've added a new category to the ADL Blog - a VLOG section.

What is a vlog? 
A vlog is a blog in video form; short for a video blog or video log.

If so inspired, feel free to communicate your message of the divine via video and we'll post it for all to see and hear. 

Here is Rev. Debbie Holden with her weekly video series "Wise Words Wednesday with Rev. Deb"...

We're on Week 8 - Enjoy!


Lynda Allen

You so quickly present the teachings of ADL in easy ways for all to understand...such a gift!
I would add that when we state our prayers with positive intentions about our outcomes, like: "I am seeing myself healthy and energized." or "Starting my new business is easy and effortless for me." Of course, followed by gratitude: "Thank you, God." 

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Debbie Holden

Thank you so much Lynda! I really appreciate your kind words and continued support. You are truly a blessing to my internship! Yes, you are correct. I simply cannot fit everything in. It's amazing how quickly 2 and a half minutes goes when you have so much great information to cover. 

Much Love,

Rev. Deb


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