Wise Words Wednesday with Rev. Deb - Week 4

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We've added a new category to the ADL Blog - a VLOG section.

What is a vlog? 
A vlog is a blog in video form; short for a video blog or video log.

If so inspired, feel free to communicate your message of the divine via video and we'll post it for all to see and hear. 

Rev. Debbie Holden is starting us off with her weekly video series "Wise Words Wednesday with Rev. Deb" .

We're on Week 4 - Enjoy!


Lynda Allen

Rev. Deb,
I love how you show up each week with such great personal messages! This one...so important...SUFFERING is a belief and not a have-to in life!!! I am also reminding myself and others daily that EVERYTHING happens for a reason...even the not so great..it is how we are learning how to be our highest and best...and sometimes we learn the reason quickly and some of those reasons have not yet been revealed. While we wait...we might as well choose the "good". 

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Debbie Holden

Hi Linda, Thank you @Lynda Allen for your comment! I only saw this now. I'm glad you resonate with my VLOG. I, too, work on remembering these things daily. Yes, I'm starting to learn to "roll with the punches" a bit better! Thank you so much for your continued support of my ministry! 

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