Full Enlightenment Revisited

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by Rev. Rita Scheibeck


I am hopeful that everyone who read my latest ADL blog will understand that I could never disparage any books, seminars, or other learning tools in my articles. Most of us (I most assuredly include myself!) wouldn't be where we are today without the guidance and assistance of others and of the tools we have used to help us along our paths. We have learned and grown from a great variety of outside influences.

The concept I meant to emphasize in my blog is that for me, at some point, I must be careful of using the work of others to distract myself and to keep me from turning to my inner resources for guidance and growth.

It was a beautiful comment from Rev. Dr. Wanda Beebe that made me go to my writing again to look it over. I saw then that I may have made what seemed like a blanket statement that excluded the importance of study and guidance.

Thank you to all of you who take the time to read and comment on my blogs. Your encouragement means so much to me.

Much Love and many blessings. Rita

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Mary Robertson

Thank you, Rita. For me, Divine Love guides my development with inner and outer resources. I can receive Grace from both as needed, as I am open and receiving. I appreciate your sharing.🙏🏼 Namaste

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