Thou Shalt Have No Other God Before Me?

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By Rev. Brian Kirsch    


OMG, Does that mean there are other gods out there?


Now I’m not a huge Joel Osteen fan, however, years ago I saw him having an interview with the late great Larry King. I totally forget what they were discussing. But if you were familiar with the Larry King Live show, you know he dug into controversial topics. Soooo, Mr King asked Joel Osteen if he had an opinion on the matter and if he did have an opinion, what was it? The answer he gave was an absolute “AHA!” moment for me and a rejuvenated awareness of the “No other gods before me” concept. Since it has been a while, I’ll paraphrase the answer:

Joel Osteen: “In a matter of fact Larry, I do have an opinion on that. But my focus is on building the church and bringing people to Christ. If I shared my opinion, the congregation would be split. Half the people of the church would be alienated”

So we see that if it was more important to him to share his opinion, that would be the “God” he would follow. All our decisions include God. There is no right/wrong, good/bad. Just a decision on the different paths that God has set before us.

I had an experience of choosing what God to listen to while running my masonry construction company. I had bid and won the contract to build the structure of the Coral Springs Gymnasium in Florida. I hadn’t signed the contract yet but was on my way to the developer’s office to sign. I had the sub-crew ready to go to the job. I had the concrete block supplier that had their trucks loaded ready to deliver. The sub-crew and the block supplier called me as I pulled into the parking lot to see if they could go. I hadn’t signed the contract yet, so no, they couldn’t leave yet.

While sitting in the parking lot, I heard my inner voice tell me to NOT sign the contract. Do NOT take this project! Well the outer voices of the supplier and the sub-crew won out. I went in and signed the contract. It was 100’s of thousands of dollars. The first couple of months went well. Towards the last couple of months, money started being deducted because of backcharges that the developer said were from other sub-contractors. In total, it was over $65,000 held from me. It took over two years of legal battles. I was the only contractor that filed all the correct forms to protect my company from being ripped off. As I called other subcontractors that supposedly backcharged me, they all told me that money was being held from them for no real reason. However they couldn’t collect.

Looking at this story, we could think that I listened to the wrong/bad God. However, the impact this experience had on me strengthened me. I felt what the impact of listening to intuition has on myself. I recouped everything.

The incredible part of this story is that years before, I was told by complete strangers and psychics that I would make more money than I knew what to do with and they told me that I would lose it all. During my divorce, I lost it ALL.

There’s still more to this story. Now I’m listening more to my intuition. I’m choosing which God to follow and commit to. I have made the choice to work with the Alliance of Divine Love and committed to work and play with the Greatest Degree of Love.

I am now working at building my ministry. Part of my ministry includes building upon the strong base that the National organization has built. If you know me, get ready for some fundraising through Farmer Markets! Our national facility is on the near horizon. Join the Entertainment!


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