Emerging Emergency

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By Rev. Brian Kirsch


This past couple of months, I’ve seen Facebook posts and e-mails reminding me to “Emerge and Converge” to the 2021 ADL Conference. Back about forty years ago, I went through some communication courses with Scientology. One thing that stuck with me is the idea of looking up words even though I think or believe I know what they mean. Emerge: move out of or away from something and come into view. Converge: (of lines) tend to meet at a point.

“Time is of the essence” is a legal phrase used to specify the time period in which one party must complete its contractual obligations to the other party. Failure to meet deadlines set in a contract's “time is of the essence” clause results in a breach of contract. What contract have you made with yourself…and does it cover all the Greatest Degrees of Love?

Sooo, if we use the “Time is of the essence” and live in the present moment…which means NOW, and we focus on our ministries (emerge) for the November conference (converge), we could have ADL and its “Greatest Degree of Love” concept create the same outcome as the 100th monkey who cleans his potato down by the water!

Have you ever noticed the difference in energy between times when you have told people “No hurry” and “I need this now”? “No hurry” allows people to go watch TV because they know you’re not needing their product or service in the NOW moment. “I need this now” suggests that you are in the present moment. It also allows them to know that since you need it NOW, they are either jumping on the boat with you OR you are going somewhere else because your life does not depend on someone else’s time/space.

An emergency: a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. I like to think we can have an emergency and enjoy it rather than it being a serious situation. We also know when we create experiences, people, places and things can turn up unexpected…we kinda expect that! We are now being told that everyone is concerned for our safety…let’s break outta that and know that we are headed for some more bumps in the road because that’s what happens when we create.

Now let’s remember, sometimes that action could be you or me just BE-ing. Let’s find our spots where we fit best to “Emerge and Converge”!


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Lynda Allen

Rev. Brian, 
You are absolutely a word master! I love how you make us think...always towards our highest and best! Thank you! Emerging and converging backatcha!

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