Annie’s Corner - June 2021

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by Rev. Annie Nelson


I pray all is well as we “live forward” creating a better world today and for all of our tomorrows. I’d like to share some insights with you from some recent experience(s) I’ve had, and I do this in recognition of life’s synchronicity and the Divine Consciousness (awareness/unity with God) that I’m feeling so blessed to have experienced and need to share.

I recently made a decision to move to a new city, recognizing that I needed to be living in a more progressive environment; I desired a social-cultural atmosphere where my ideals and boundless energy can expand within a supportive network of like-minded people.  Now I know I did not have to physically move to experience what I wanted, but my intuition was strongly guiding me to do so; to leave my beautiful home, friends and family and relocate.  After much meditation and prayer, I stepped out on faith, and put my house on the market for sale and started the search for a new home. 

My moving experiences in the past involved lots of stress related to the where, when and how things would happen.  But this time, there was no denying that the universe and I were in sync, for once my verbal and non-verbal intentions were expressed, everything started falling into place.  Yes, there were small hiccups along the way, but I remembered my ADL teaching (Book II, Chapter 4) about the flow of consciousness; how darker realities (thoughts) can slow or distort the Good we desire to manifest in our lives. This awareness helped me stay focused and BOOM! The universe answered in kind.

Let me share with you a few examples of what happened with and for me over the past four months:  I put my house on the market and it sold in seven days (yes, it’s a sellers’ market and I thank God for that): I put two contracts to purchase a new home, and walked away from both (for I don’t play the “highest bidder” game): I’m now in a “time is of the essence” moment and decided to seriously look at renting versus buying: I set my “must have” criteria (elevator and square footage) and started the search on my own.  Available apartments were moving fast and none of them met my “must have” criteria - - and on the other end, I’m dealing with the closing process of the house I sold (inspections, settlement attorney’s request for info, closing out accounts, movers, etc.): okay, so now I’m getting a little stressed, so I’m sharing all this happening with family, friends and with my mentor (Rev Pamela) who I found to be very supportive and encouraging along the way.

It seems like overnight, I found the perfect apartment complex and applied on-line for one of the available units (had the elevator but not the square footage), but I now had only weeks to move. A few days later, without an appointment, I decided to drive to the leasing office (a two-hour drive) and personally check on my application.  I entered the office, introduced myself and one of the leasing agents jumps up excitedly and says “Ms. Nelson, I’m so glad to meet you and I have the perfect apartment for you, that just came available. We have not even posted it on the website yet, but you’re here, let’s go look at it”.  The apartment she showed me was not the one I applied for; it was a large corner unit with all the amenities I wanted. Now that’s what I call synchronicity.  The universe, my family and friends – all working together toward my solution. 

I’m so thankful for that awareness and this ministry of study, for throughout this move, I was reminded to not give in to the downs of life challenges that can take us away from our Source.  Thank you, ADL, for that lesson.

At any given time and in any given situation, we must remain steadfast in our God-self and be aware of the quality of our consciousness.  It is in this place that we elevate the world as our Divine Ideals accompanied by our uninterrupted belief in the Good (God/Love/Source) that we get to truly experience its blessings. 

For your consideration, I leave you with this affirmation:

“The quality of my consciousness aligned with the nature of Source, gives me boundless possibilities.”


Annie, ADL Ministerial Student

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Margaret(Peg) Gordon

Annie, I enjoyed reading your article. I could feel your  joy in the understanding of Let God, and yes when you do there are  boundless possibilities. Love that Joy, Thanks for sharing

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Anne Harlan

Hi Annie,  What a wonderful article:  Faith that works, synchronicity, blessings from Divine Love, and an exciting new beginning.  I wish you every happiness in your new location!

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