Message from the Masters: New Moon Celestial Gathering - June 2021

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Transcribed by Rev. Theresa Crabtree

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are always en-light-ened by the time we spend in communion with you. It is our highest hope and desire that you will take time from your busy day to commune with your “Higher Self” and personal Spirit Team more often, preferably on a daily basis.

This communion is essential for anyone who is diligent about pursuing enlightenment during their current incarnation. It is simple to do, but one’s busy-ness, disbelief and resistance makes it difficult for these discourses to be a daily occurrence.

Consider what is most important in your life. Then make preparations to make this thought become your action by making it a priority. We understand the difficulties of adding quiet moments to your day when you have family in the household who need your attention, along with work duties, shopping, repairs, etc. But among all this, which is most important to you when your life is complete?

Thus, act accordingly. This could mean getting up an hour before the others and sitting quietly in a closet. Whatever works for you, do it. For once you are in daily communion, you will learn to listen more attentively. Then you will be amazed at how much more time and energy you have, as you begin to weed out the unnecessary things that you otherwise would have attended to.

Then, as you have more inner peace and clarity, for many of you, the money issues will begin to lessen. For you will have freed up more time and energy… and hopefully will make any necessary changes to choose work that is meaningful to you. This does not necessarily mean it is spiritually lofty work such as being a full-time teacher, preacher, healer… for one’s spirituality is demonstrated by their deeds. That deed could involve cleaning the toilet for someone or a simple smile as you pass someone that needed that upliftment in that moment.

Until you clear the blocks that keep you from constant communion with your Guides, then you will miss many opportunities to make a valuable impact on others. It is hard to be of value to others when your mind is wrapped around all the unimportant incidentals in life… and even more so when one is clinging to all the “shoulda, woulda, couldas” from past experiences.

The creative power lies in the present moment. Rather than worry about tomorrow, begin to set a strong intention on what you wish to experience. Then make choices leading to that experience. When you are clear about what you wish and it is in alignment with your Soul, then watch for the clues we set before you so that you don’t miss these golden opportunities.

We bid thee adieu for this day and do hope that you tune in more often to the Heavenly Helpers who are ready and willing to assist you on this journey.

Be blessed always, all ways.
The Masters

** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share with those who have ears to hear.

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Annie Nelson

I Thank you Rev Crabtree for this timely msg. Love it💜
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