Remember Who You Are Child; Thou art Light

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by Rev. Allen Reed, Jr.

Dreams are powerful portals of perception and guidance and as a society it is our innate duty to ourselves, mankind and to GOD in our modern age to reclaim this lost ancient practice, for the subconscious speaks to us in dreams in its own language of symbols.  It only speaks one language and symbols is it, so we must learn its language to better understand ourselves.

There are many treasures that await us all in the dream world. Treasures that shamans knew the truth about a truth that we have access to for the taking and with the little bit of willingness what we learn and bring back to our waking world can be effortlessly incorporated into our daily lives. It will astoundingly change our reality in ways that we realize once that bridge of awakening has been crossed, we can never go back, this leaves with us a new understanding and appreciation of the old saying, "Ignorance is bliss", but free will reigns in this, God's kingdom so what you choose will be respected.

What will you choose? Are you a Deep Diver or a Shallow Surfer? Whatever your intention, you will be loved, so no right or wrong, just a harmonization of your energies into your purpose. Stay asleep or wake up, the red pill or the blue one, Alice in Wonderland - here we find ourselves down the rabbit hole.

Once while going through some very trying times, I had a guiding dream. One night I had a very vivid, lucid dream. I was laying in bed and a powerful white light appeared at the foot of my bed. It imploded from a small point of light and quickly and smoothly filled the entire room, covering me even in all its glory till I was basking in it. It was Paramahansa Yogananda.

Dreams are portals into other worlds. They are visions of a higher sort and I knew during this dream to listen and take heed, It was very, very important. His light and booming voice filling the room with unspeakable peace. He decreed, "Child, Remember who you are. You are a being of pure light," he exclaimed. As this heavenly light washed over me I was drunk with his Divine instruction and knew at that moment that my spiritual life was UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Then as if time collapses so did Yogananda's light implode and disappeared as quickly as it came.

Resting for the rest of the night, I awoke with the immediate knowledge that this had been a Visitation from the master and took it very seriously, indeed. It would be months for me to really integrate the information encoded in this encounter and finally a couple of years later, I am now at the point where I truly understand his message and Know without a shadow of a doubt, that my original being created perfect in GOD, is now and forever will be LIGHT, LOVE, and POWER. No ego trick could ever diminish the truth of who I am and I pray that you receive the same truth I have been given, through the grace of GOD.

Never forget as Job did, that no matter any trial or tribulation that even in the midst of great pain and suffering, we should always proclaim with a shout of intense Joy, "I am a child of GOD! The most High, I am Light!" Light is my one true ultimate reality and that is the eternal truth.



Thank you, Rev. Allen for shining your deep divinity with us. Om Shanti, brother of mine. 

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Thank you Reverend Reed. I will adopt that mantra. I have very intense dreaming  always. While much of it is disturbing, I learned years ago to jump, the fly,  I even plummeted a few scary times... but now I levitate. I’m curious your thoughts on levitation. Thank you for sharing. It is good to be reminded, by your words, how important
dreams are. 
Be Well,

Rev Estelle

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I'm glad you're finding your voice and opening up to share your experiences to help others. Thank you!

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