Bach Flower of the Month: Water Violet (February 2021)

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by Rev. Shellie Enteen

The Solar Rays are in the fixed air sign Aquarius as February begins. Dr. Bach chose Water Violet for the sign of Aquarius and describes it as: “For those who in health or illness like to be alone. Very quiet people, who move about without noise, speak little, and then gently. Very independent, capable, and self-reliant. Almost free of the opinions of others. They are aloof, leave people alone and go their own way. Often clever and talented. Their peace and calmness are a blessing to those around them.”

Water Violet

To understand how this lovely portrait of Water Violet could possibly indicate a problem that might also result in pain and disease, it is helpful to look at the sign of Aquarius and understand the positive and negative traits.

In the positive sense, Aquarius demonstrates how fixed mental concentration combined with the divine spark of intuition creates innovation and genius. Aquarians are known to be friendly though somewhat detached, group and goal oriented, fond of the new and unusual, but also interested in antiquity. They are leaders by example and do not like to participate in argument or defend their opinions. Other words associated with the 11th Zodiac sign are humanitarianism, altruism, philanthropy, and individuality. It is also the sign the governs the unseen realm of electronic energy, and practices such as astrology, acupuncture, and other forms of energy work.

Most importantly for us to realize now, it is the sign associated with the life force also called prana or chi. And the symbol should not be drawn as a man pouring water, but as an angel pouring forth the ever-flowing energy of life that is in all creation.

When this brilliant energy goes to the negative extreme, it becomes rigid willfulness, unreliability, coldness, and eccentricity that can escalate to the bizarre. Never wanting to be told what they must do, commitments become impossible to maintain. Individuality becomes rebellion—freedom, revolution. The superior Aquarian intelligence withholds its beneficial guidance, treating the attitudes or opinions of others with condescension and disdain as the personality retreats to an icy, ivory tower. And it can also (knowingly or unknowingly) use the power of energy to create negative visions and their subsequent effects.

Holding the self apart from others, even if quietly or gently done, is an aspect of the separation from Divine Love and union with all that is. The calm, clever, talented persona who sends out the message “I don’t need you or your help” keeps other people from approaching, leaving the individual isolated. This can be baffling for the Aquarian native if this state of isolation is not a conscious choice. And, once put on a pedestal in the eyes of others, it is hard to step down and be ‘human’ when one simply is not feeling up to the ‘image of perfection.’

Independence and self-reliance can lead to rigidity in the body, as well as the mind. It is interesting to note that in the book on Bach Flower Body Maps, one Water Violet area includes the first six cervical vertebrae (bones of the neck) and it are these bones that hold the muscles that allow us to see from a different angle. Author Mechthild Scheffer also suggests that when those in helping professions feel the desire to withdraw (an indication of the need for Water Violet) they often develop “symbolic eczema” on the right hand—the hand with which we reach out to others.

Some affirmations for the negative Water Violet state:
“I am part, I take part.” “I need the world and the world needs me.” “I freely share love, humility and wisdom.”

Using Water Violet helps the person with Aquarian influences or Water Violet qualities to be independent, yet able to walk among others, sharing their many gifts with an open heart.


Analisa Domenica

Thank you, Shellie. Water Violet truly holds great potential for healing these Aquarian tendencies in individuals and in the collective. The perfect healer for this NOW. 

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Allen Lee Reed, Jr.

Thank you Shellie

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