The Sky Picture - May 2020

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By Rev. Linda Bender

Taurus Sun remains so until May 20th when travels into Gemini. Sun is conjuncting both Mercury and Uranus in a tight orb. There could be sudden abrupt speech which could anger or hurt someone. Watch what you say and try to be tactful.

On May 1st the Sun is also squaring the Moon in Leo and there can be a struggle between the conscious will and subconscious habits. Someone may want their independence and there can also be difficulties in relationships, especially between parents and children and romantic relationships. There can also be friendships made with unusual people.

With Jupiter and Pluto in a tight conjunction in Capricorn people can have changes in religious and philosophical outlook. You can spiritual insights and experiences with the occult and wanting to understand life’s mysteries. There can be financial benefits through corporate business, tax rebates, insurance or inheritance. With Covid-19 ongoing we are indeed experiencing financial upheaval or fluctuation. Also, with the virus and families quarantined together there is child and spousal going happening with families together so much. Also, the financial stress of so many families adds to the anger and frustration.

With the Sun in loyal, loving Taurus, we need to take deep breaths and try to regroup. Also, try to help those in need. Taurus, the Bull, is known for their stubbornness, but they are also very loving and loves the arts and beauty. Taurus is also an earth sign and will work alongside others for the good of all. The natural house of Taurus is the second house is which the financial house and Taurus can be very good at making money or investing money OR they can have issues with money.

Venus, the planet representing Taurus, is residing in the second house of money, and Venus is also the money sign as well as the sign of love and beauty. Money is on most people’s minds right now as so many businesses are closed and people are out of work. Venus is also squaring Neptune which adds more confusion to the mix.
The Full Moon Is May 7th in Scorpio and it is opposing the Sun. Emotions may be so intense that it may be better to pull back. However, it can show what is real and what it not and help us to see clearly before we put our energy into something.

The New Moon is in Gemini on May 23rd. Gemini is the sign of the Twins and we can be working on more than one thing at a time. There can be short tempers as Mars in Pisces will be squaring both the Sun and Moon in Gemini. On the 22nd or 23rd you may want to write your goals for the next thirty days pertaining to the Gemini moon. You could concentrate on writing (keeping a journal), speaking or communicating in some way. You may wish for tact and quick thinking. You will probably be ready for socializing as we have been hunkering down for so long, but do it in a careful, healthy manner as we may have a second wave of the virus. Sorry to sound gloom and doom, but we have to hang tough. We are tough! We are Americans and we are spiritual beings.


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