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November 2020

Welcome Ministers to November!

Last Week to Sign up for ADL’s Virtual Conference

If you want to attend the conference, time is getting short.

Living in Grace: Co-Creating in the Greatest Degree of Love

Everyone connected with the conference is busy finalizing the details so you all will have an enjoyable time. Conference gifts have been sent out so we urge you to sign up soon in order to receive yours on time.

Obviously, we will not be in person, but the presentations are worth the attendance. Additionally, we can chat in the "lobby" with each other, as well as attending the live chats with the speakers after each presentation.

Important consideration if those dates don’t work for you!

After the conference, all of the sessions (even the live ones) will be available for access until the end of the year. Therefore…if the November dates are difficult for you, you can visit the conference at your leisure.

There are nine minister vendors so you can explore what each of them do for their ministries as well as purchase their very unique products.

We have quite a few ministers signed up for the conference who haven't attended one for quite a while so it will be a distinct pleasure getting to know them.

Please visit the link below to find out more about the conference.   Thank you and see you soon.  

ADL Virtual Conference


It's Still Dues Renewal Time

Everyone should have gotten either a paper renewal notice or an email. If you haven't, please let the office know. While everyone is valid through 12/31/2020, we do ask that you renew no later than 11/30, in order for us to process and mail your ID cards to you before they expire on 12/31.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call 828-388-2102.

As always, we wish you peace, good health and a full heart!


ADL 2020 Virtual Conference

Living in Grace: Co-Creating in the Greatest Degree of Love

Available On-Demand until Dec 31, 2020

Virtual | Online

Event Overview

Experience co-creating in the Greatest Degree of Love!

You'll have options to attend various educational presentations and experiential sessions. Each session is available on-demand, including the live Q&A portions, which had some amazing conversations and were recorded.

Vendors will also be offering various products and services that align with the Greatest Degree of Love.

Just $99 for ADL Ministers!

Plenty of space for vendors also still available.

If you want to spread awareness of your products, services or message this is a great opportunity!
We anticipate having more diverse attendance this year, including non-ministers and international registrants.

What's New

ADL blog_Ombudsman Writings_2020_11

Ombudsman Writings - November 2020

"Now What?"

With seemingly multiple hundred-year events happening since 2020 began, we've been reluctant even to think about "Now What"?.  Wild fires, pandemic, civil unrest, loss of historic civil rights leader and a champion for equal protection, and now, we're embarking on a national election that will result in certain national upheaval regardless of the outcome.

Besides all the above, I have pondered the "Now What" question from another perspective.  Not meant to diminish national and world events, though for me, it's almost as important...

ADL blog_Astrological Update_Star Encounters_2020_11

Star Encounters - November 2020

Happy Birthday Scorpio!


This NEW MOON occurs on November 15, 2020 at 12:0:02 AM EDT and the Lights are kissing in Scorpio and form triple sextiles to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn in Capricorn! The emphasis is on safety and survival. There will be variation and possibilities to tweak some of the restrictions we have been experiencing. Working together is emphasized. Contribute by simply doing your personal best!

This FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs on November 30, 2020 at 04:29:32 AM EDT. The Full Moon is in Gemini and opposes the Sagittarian Sun and forms a quincunx to Venus in Scorpio. Statements, opinion and think tank energy will abound! Understand both the motives and hidden agendas of what you hear and read at this time. Verify information and steer clear of gossip as best you can! Watch your words as you may be quoted later!

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The Timeless Love of Twin Souls

by   Janet Kay Darling

Check out this book from ADL Minister Rev. Janet Kay Darling


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