A Fresh Look at Meditation

LIVE Course (starts Sept 1, 2020)

This live 4 week series will be primarily experiential, building on the previous class, offering a fresh look at meditation, for new and advanced meditators, providing greater self-awareness, with practical tools and handouts that you can use at home. 

We will Begin with Here and Now, looking at our internal state of being, then we will explore The Way of the Heart – Opening to Feeling.

In class 3 we will examine the role of the Pituitary Gland, the Endocrine System and its relationship with the chakras in Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Class 4 will encourage us to recognize and use our natural gifts in our life. Following our life path, we will learn to use these tools as we live a fulfilling life.

Lessons in this Course:
  • Beginning with Here and Now
  • The Way of the Heart - Opening to Feeling
  • Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Living Your Personal Gifts

About the Instructor(s)

Rev. Paula Forget is author of ‘Guided to the Higher Realm: a personal journey of ascension through meditation’, has taught ‘Meditation for Everyday Living’ classes in Canada and the US, and leads groups on journeys of personal discovery. Through meditation she was healed of rheumatoid arthritis. She now lives in Washington State.

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ADL Course -A Fresh Look at Meditation