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ADL Core Values

These are the principles that guide behavior, assist, and support the ADL. 

  • Commitment to the Greatest Degree of Love
  • Contribute to the Greater Good of ADL
  • Exemplify integrity in everything we do
  • Pursue teamwork with shared vision and purpose
  • Embrace openness, trust and candid communication
  • Support the ADL organization with constructive ideas, suggestions and feedback
  • Actively work to introduce and invite lightworkers to join ADL
  • Support fellow ministers through Divine Love, healing and guidance as a demonstration of the Greatest Degree of Love

Candidate Bios

* = Current board member running for re-election

Bill Akpinar

Rev. (Dr.) Bill Akpinar, MD, DDS, DAC, BA

Chapel #1525
Douglaston, NY

Rev. (Dr.) Bill Akpinar is medical director at the Center for Healing in New York. He is a physician (M.D.), a dentist (D.D.S.), and an anesthesiologist. He holds a doctorate in acupuncture with demonstrated excellence in auriculotherapy. He is an Assistant Professor of Pain Management and Anesthesiology, and he has established pain-mitigation programs at numerous medical centers. He consults for many professional and collegiate sports teams.

As an ADL Mentor, “Dr. Bill” is working with many first responders from 9/11 and other doctors who wish to broaden their work and reach people in their “wholeness” in body, mind and spirit.

Honors and Awards:

  • Man of the Year, American Cancer Society: Honored at the Big Apple Ball, New York City, 2008 ;
  • Director of Health and Wellness: World Peace One Organization (Nobel Peace Prize Organization);
  • Sports Medicine: Served as Medical and Nutritional Consultant, St. John’s University Basketball team the “Red Storm.”

Pro Bono Work:

  • Advisor, Urban Center Clinics: Medical advisor formulating wellness program for poor urban populations. Directed the creation of the integrative program to be used as a standard medical model
  • Dentist and anesthesiologist for Catholic Charities Clinic for the Handicapped: Treatment of handicapped dental patients on voluntary basis.

His desire for ADL is to work together to build our organization to a greater degree of service to many more around the world.


Michael Allen

Rev. Michael Scott Allen, MD, DABR, AIHM, FAARFM

Chapel #1033 (Chapel of the Rose and the Dove)
Garland, TX

Born and raised in the Methodist church, I became agnostic in high school but returned to Christianity via direct spiritual experiences in nature, meditation, healing sessions and studying metaphysics.

I am a board-certified Radiologist with medical certifications in Integrative Medicine and Functional Regenerative Age Management Medicine. I took a 3-year sabbatical from my medical practice to explore spiritual healing and travel to sacred sites. I have been meditating since 1994, I have led group meditations and I was asked to write the introduction to Ken Page’s book The Heart of Soul Healing. My definition of a healer is one who guides others to heal themselves.

I have previous experience on a Hospital Executive Board, Chairman of Hospital QA committee, Medical Director of Radiology & HOA Board of Directors.

For me, the ADL teachings of the highest degree of Love has translated to working with God to be the best I can be. I am being guided to serve by joining the ADL Board of Trustees and to contribute to the growth and future of ADL in whatever ways I can, as I expand my own ministry. As a vehicle for expanded conscious awareness, ADL is greatly needed in our world today – to give people, not just hope, but concrete direction and tools that make a difference in their day-to-day existence.


Stacy Bourgeois

*Rev. Stacey M. Bourgeois

Chapel #631
Lilburn, GA

 I have been an ADL minister for nearly 24 years. I've had the honor of serving on the ADL Board of Trustees for the past year and would love an opportunity to continue my service.

Over the past 31 years, I've worked in public health, mainly in HIV prevention, at the local, community, state and federal level at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for over 17 years now. When I started in this field, HIV was essentially a death sentence. I'm now blessed to be a part of averting new HIV infections among disenfranchised populations and promoting the survival and longevity of those who are infected due to the current and ever-growing advances in HIV prevention, care, and treatment. I know that what I've done every day for the past 31 years in my professional career has helped save lives and that this is my ADL ministry.

My professional areas of expertise include program planning, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and analysis; fiscal management and oversight; development, management, and monitoring of contracts, cooperative agreements, and grants; staff development and motivation; and establishment and maintenance of strong partnerships with community, state and national partners and with local, state, and federal government agencies and organizations.

Over the past few years, I've been learning more about neuroleadership, which applies advances in neurology to leadership and also demonstrates lots of connections between science and spirituality. I'm excited to learn in this field, as well as advances in quantum physics, apply some of these concepts to my ministry, and share with others. I'm a Spiritual Scientist at heart and continuously look for ways to advance the science of Spirituality and connectivity with all Creation.


Kenneth Anthony C. Gogue.jpg

Rev. Kenneth Anthony “Brother Tony” C. Gogue 

Chapel #2056
Asheville, NC

I was divinely led into many counselor and leadership roles since my teenage years. Although I never felt popular, I was mysteriously elected to be a peer counselor in high school. I was also an aerobics instructor at age 16. In the 14 years that I served in the U.S. Army, I spent the latter 8 years of my military career as a certified educator, 3 years as the company Equal Opportunity Advisor, 2 years as the Executive Administrative Assistant to the company CEO, and 1 ½ years leading an aviation electronics repair platoon with over $30 million in assets. I left the Army in pursuit of higher education, and achieved an A.S. in Information Technology and a B.S. in IT management. Simultaneously, I was led to the ministry path, and was ordained by Rev. Dr. Becky Rector on April 13, 2016.

Originally raised as a Catholic, I’ve always felt this need to go beyond religion. I now serve as an interfaith minister, mixing practices of various faiths to obtain the ultimate experience that the Divine teaches me at any given moment. My primary influences are Paramahansa Yoganada, Anandamayi Ma (a.k.a. Jai Ma), and Peace Pilgrim.

Additionally, I explore any other form of the Divine shown to me in visions and dreams, so I may understand aspects I need to learn for myself and for others. Since reaching higher levels of enlightenment and consciousness, I truly see the Divine in EVERYTHING - through the oneness in ALL creation. I now use my experience in education, management, and leadership to help others to find and empower their true Selves, so they may find Love and peace along their life path.

Once again, I feel Divinely led in this path and would be honored to serve my fellow ministers on The Board of Trustees.


Margaret (Peg) Gordon

Rev. Dr. Peg Gordon

Chapel #537
Windham, ME

I would Like to Participate on the Alliance of Divine Love Board of Trustee’s.

In April 2000, I was ordained into the Alliance of Divine Love by Rev. Dr. Barbara Hanshaw. In September 2011 I received my DDMS. When I took the Oath of the Rose, I fully understood my obligation to the Alliance of Divine Love. I feel we are in a time of transition. My Love, knowledge and experience will help the ministry as we move into our next phase. There is a need for more education, support and guidance for our ministers and mentors. I am dedicated to pursuing these needs.

Barbara was the Secretary from the very beginning and a founder of the Ministry. She had called on me for assistance many times after my Ordination. I served as the Florida Board after being ordained right up to when I moved to Maine. I had the honor of being the Florida board president for many years. I served as Rev. Dr. Hanshaw’s assistant while she was alive. After the death of Barbara, I served as the administrator and Secretary during the beginning transition and stayed in that position for 2 years. I ran several conferences and assisted in many more. Currently I’m a part of the Education committee. I have recently ordained a minister and have 2 Doctoral students. Mentoring for the Alliance of Divine Love and participating with other minister has enriched my life and spirituality. It is my mission to also enrich the lives of others.


Carrie Hinson2.jpg

*Rev. Dr. Carrie Hinson

Chapel #1600
Orlando, FL

Rev. Dr. C. Hinson was ordained through The Alliance of Divine Love Florida Chapter in 2006 and she attained her Doctorate in 2012.  She has worked with or on the Board of Directors for various organizations for over 11 years.  She currently holds the title of Secretary for the Alliance of Divine Love National Board of Trustees.

A short word about who I am: My work background is in business administration, budgeting, contract negotiations and property management.

My ministry and spiritual passions revolve around assisting people with lifestyle transformations and using love to instill hope in everyone whose path may cross mine.  My non-judgmental work can take many forms such as ministering to inmates at a correction facility, assisting at animal refuges, leading meditation or yoga, traditional counseling for mental health or addiction related topics, energy healing or aiding clients and their families with end of life transitions.  My goal as a spiritual being is to be a light in the darkness for those who are grappling with desperate times to show them there is a way to walk out of the shadows towards perfect healing.  

May you all be blessed, comforted and filled with the endless love of our Creator.


Mary McCoy

Rev. Mary Gibson McCoy

Chapel #1575 (Evolving Spirit Chapel)
Kansas City, MO

 Interfaith work:

  • At-Large Director and past Chair of the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council
  • Founder and President of Cultural Crossroads, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit entity which conducts multicultural education with a focus on cultural commonalities, with programs for children and adults, and the establishment of the Human Spirit, a collection of multicultural and multifaith materials for all ages at the Kansas City Public Library.
  • Secretary and past president of the Heartland Chapter of the Alliance of Divine Love
  • officer of HeartLove Interfaith Community; blogger for Cultural Crossroads & a personal blog

Professional Background:

  • Thirty years as a real estate attorney
  • Officer & Underwriting Counsel for national title insurance companies director/officer of various

Professional Associations:

  • First VP and chair of various committees of Women's Chamber of Commerce
  • First VP and Director of Rural Northland Development Association
  • Committee chair of Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, and Committee chair of Platte County Bar Association

Family Background:

The grandchild of Syrian-Christian immigrants on her mother's side and Protestant country folk on her father's side, she was exposed to a plurality of Christian thought (Roman Catholic, Byzantine Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Western Protestantism) and the experiences of both the immigrant and the early settler. A family story of a Cherokee great-great-grandmother increased awareness of ethnic challenges.

This diversity in religious thought made a lasting impression, causing her to challenge separatist thinking and champion interfaith awareness.


  • Cultural Crossroads KC - https :// culturalcrossroadskc.
  • Balance Beams -


  • Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council -
  • Cultural Crossroads, Inc. -
  • Heartland Chapter of Alliance of Divine Love - www.Heartland;
  • Heartlove Interfaith Community - Love C.


Janet Olson

Rev. Janet Olson

Chapel #1577
Lenexa, KS

I would like to nominate myself for the Board of Trustee. I was ordained April 30, 2006.

I have been an active member of the Heartland Chapter since it was formed. Currently, I hold the position of Vice-President for the chapter. Every year our chapter puts on the Interfaith Thanksgiving Dinner. From finding a place to host the dinner, set up, program, clean up. Oh yes, even arranging food for all people, to include Muslim, Judaism, and Hindu ... (to name a few).

I am also a part of the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council (GKCIC), where I am the Director for American Indian Spirituality. Responsibilities include monthly meetings, coordinating and participating in community events. Where we strive to maintain our motto "Building the most welcoming community for all people ... ". At this time, I am on a committee for World Day of Peace, scheduled for September 21, 2019.

As a minister, I find my space assisting in individual healings, comforting those who are going through a loss of a loved one and being with those in their final moments on this plane.

My name is Janet Olson. I would be honored to serve on the Board of Trustee. believe that I could bring new insights to all situations.


JoAnn Elf Pessagno

*Rev. Dr. JoAnn Elf Pessagno

Chapel #91
Rockville MD

JoAnn ‘Elf’ Pessagno was ordained as a minister in the Alliance of Divine Love in April of 1984, and she received her DDMS in 2003.

Elf’s current daytime job is General Manager (GM) of a luxury high-rise condominium building in the Washington, D.C., area. As the GM of this building, she serves at the pleasure of three different boards, with three sets of governing documents, three budgets and three sets of meetings each month requiring a management report for each board. Elf feels that she uses the ministerial side of herself every day in working with the owners through active listening, kindness, compassion, communication and understanding, thus assuring them that their homes are being properly maintained and increasing in value as a result of a caring and capable management staff.

Being employed in association management for two decades working with boards, managing staff, balancing million-dollar budgets, understanding by-laws and governing documents enable Elf to transfer these abilities to serve on the Board of Trustees.

During her 35 years as a minister with this magnificent ministry, the Celebration of Ceremonies doctoral thesis submitted for her DDMS includes custom wedding ceremonies, remembrances, a Welcome New Soul on Planet Earth ceremony (christening), full-moon gatherings and other cultural traditions and passages.

There have been many changes within the Alliance of Divine Love, all guided by Spirit. This is a time to truly shine with an awareness of the importance of imbuing the 501(c)(3) spiritual organization known as the Alliance of Divine Love with Our Vision ― a world in which everyone lives and practices the greatest degree of Love.


Miche Restaino2.jpg

*Rev. Miche Restaino

Chapel #1810
Albuquerque, NM

I was ordained on April 16, 2011. The early years of my life were strongly influenced by my parents who I affectionately describe as being maverick Christians. As part of my upbringing, they taught me in words and by example to be an enthusiastic spiritual explorer, to find my own answers, and to act from a heart of compassion and joy. This has served me well throughout my life as I have developed a great love of the endless ways in which humanity has strived to regain, maintain, and strengthen its understanding of and connection with the Divine. Through my personal explorations of various religious traditions, as well as, my university education in Communications Through Culture and Religion, I have realized that underneath the apparent differences of most religious perspectives lies the same foundational idea – that of Divine Love.

Additionally, about seven years ago, I began to realize that the only true satisfaction for me would involve helping others on their individual and unique journeys toward healing and awakening to their oneness with the Divine which is, as we all know, Love. The idea of thinking, speaking and acting from the greatest degree of Love for the greatest good of all, is such a simple yet profound Truth.

The training I have received through the Alliance of Divine Love has reinforced so much of what I already knew within me, and  has helped to clarify many powerful ideas within my heart and mind.

It has been a great honor for me to serve on the Board of Trustees for the past three years and to be a part of seeing ADL grow and shift into the 21st Century all the while retaining its true essence that the founders began many years ago.


Dallas Teague Snider bot.jpg

Rev. Dr. Dallas Teague Snider 

Chapel #2087
Birmingham, AL

I, Rev. Michael Tobolski, nominate Rev. Dallas Teague for consideration as a Board of Trustee member for ADL.

After her 2017 ordination, we learned of her past professional experience as a meeting planner and she graciously accepted the role of Conference Coordinator for our 2018 conference and demonstrated excellent organization and planning skills and greatly contributed to the success of the event.

Formerly known as America's Business Etiquette Coach, Rev. Dallas Teague Snider is an author, speaker and holistic spiritual life coach. Her skills include creative thinking, strategic planning, and relationship building. Through her years in business, she has offered sales and marketing training and hospitality consulting while maintaining her client portfolio with Conference Direct. She has been featured in industry magazines providing professional development and communication tips to both planners and suppliers.

On the spiritual side, having once thought her call was to be an Ambassador for the United States, she now understands her mission as an Ambassador for Christ and the Kingdom of God in whatever role she is serving.

Rev. Dallas combines her background in television; writing and communication to share her passion to help others find their way back to home as a son or daughter of God.

Today she offers donation based sacred heart healing circles, prayer healing sessions, holistic life coaching as well as Intra-Spiritual Exploration Classes for those looking to dive deeper into their relationship with the Divine.

She is the founder of Purpose Without Limits Ministries and recently launched her Sacred Heart Prayer and Healing Center. The vision is to provide a safe place for others to find peace in today's chaotic world.

Rev. Dallas would make an excellent addition to the Board of Trustees.


Michael Tobolski

*Rev. Michael Tobolski

Chapel #713
Mount Airy, MD

I am interested in continuing on the board of the Alliance of Divine Love for an additional term. Having been on the ADL board now for over three years, I feel called to continue to contribute and support the organization as a board member and now, as Vice-President.

Priorities for the board, in addition to organizational strength, need to include a growth focus, especially attracting and retaining new, younger ministers. We are a community of Light Workers and will continue to provide support, training and mentoring to ministers seeking guidance.

During the past several years on the board, I feel that I have added a business/management perspective to the organization, with a special effort on strategic planning. In addition, my background in Hotel Management has assisted ADL in planning and executing the annual conferences.

My skills include:

  • Organizational - Entrepreneurial, Event Planning and Management, Finance, Management/Leadership, Plan Execution, Previous Board Experience and Strategic Planning.
  • Spiritual - Devotion to the Highest Degree of Love; Practitioner in Channeling, Energy Healing and Spiritual Counseling/Mentoring.


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