Wise Words Wednesday with Rev. Deb - Week 14

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We've added a new category to the ADL Blog - a VLOG section.

What is a vlog? 
A vlog is a blog in video form; short for a video blog or video log.

If so inspired, feel free to communicate your message of the divine via video and we'll post it for all to see and hear. 

Here is Rev. Debbie Holden with her weekly video series "Wise Words Wednesday with Rev. Deb"...

We're on Week 14 - Enjoy!


Lynda Allen

Rev. Deb...this Wise Words was quick, fun, and so well done! Loved it!

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Debbie Holden

You are the sweetest person! Thank you so much. I often feel rushed to get it all in in under 3 minutes and wonder if people can connect the dots and follow my thoughts to a meaningful conclusion. Your weekly comments really help me so much. You are truly a gift to me and my ministry. Thank you Rev. Lynda

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