Wise Words Wednesday with Rev. Deb - Week 7

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We've added a new category to the ADL Blog - a VLOG section.

What is a vlog? 
A vlog is a blog in video form; short for a video blog or video log.

If so inspired, feel free to communicate your message of the divine via video and we'll post it for all to see and hear. 

Here is Rev. Debbie Holden with her weekly video series "Wise Words Wednesday with Rev. Deb"...

We're on Week 7 - Enjoy!


Lynda Allen

Rev. Deb...you are getting more comfortable with as each week goes by...and although the words are few, they are powerful. Your examples are great. In such a short message, you remind us here of the myriad of ways we can consider the greatest good of all in an ADL heartbeat! Thank you for the reminder. 

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Debbie Holden

Hi Rev. Lynda, I truly appreciate your kindness and support. Your comments are lovely and very helpful. I'm glad you enjoy my message and think it is powerful even though it's brief. The social media maximum is 3 minutes. I received your loving donation! Thank you so much! 

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