The New ADL Event Calendar

Based on your feedback, we are excited to launch our brand new ADL Event Calendar!

Previously our event calendar wasn't really a calendar, but just a listing of events that wasn't sortable or interactive.

With our new calendar, not only can you view events in multiple formats (Pinboard, Agenda, or Monthly), you can also submit your own events and subscribe to the calendar for updates on events.

Other perks of the new calendar format include:

  • easily share events via social media or email
  • save events to your own calendar
  • search events by keyword or by dates

Submit Your Events

The main reason we moved to the new calendar format was to make it easier to publish events from our ministers.

Now, when you submit your event, it is really easy for our team to review what you submitted and approve it to be published on our calendar. This means, your events should appear on the calendar much faster.

Submit an Event

Reach out to our support if you have any questions or need any assistance.

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Lindsay F Babich

This is an amazing new tool for ADL. Love it. Thank you National Admins, Board and Digital Master Kevin!

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