Message from the Masters: New Moon Celestial Gathering

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Transcribed by Rev. Theresa Crabtree


We are well pleased for this opportunity to communicate with you. We know that you have many questions about the universe and how to connect with your Guides. Many of you have had glimpses of your Heavenly Helpers and snippets of information that have come through so clearly that you knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it was truly an inspirational thought from a benevolent Being much wiser than you.

In order to increase these communications, it is necessary to release the energetic blocks that you have created throughout this lifetime as well as the imprints remaining in your energy field from past lifetimes. This really is a simple process, once you get the hang of it. The simplest way to do this is to pay attention in the current moment.

Do you feel upset? Note what is happening that upset you. Then as soon as you can, get into a quiet space, such as your bedroom, bathroom or alone in your vehicle. Calm yourself as much as possible by taking several deep, slow breaths in and out. Then ask to be shown why this event caught you off balance. Ask to be shown what inside yourself is being triggered. Then ask to be shown the root cause of this trigger.

Ask yourself questions to get to the root of problem and allow time for some answers to come forth. Usually, you will find that the trigger goes back to an unresolved trauma, perhaps from childhood or even a past life. Look at the events that come to your mind that are related to this recently “pushed button.” Ask to be shown various perspectives until you can come to a calmer place and hopefully, release the trigger, from the initial root cause.

As you are already aware, we are mirrors of each other. However, the truth is deeper than that, for we are all One, coming from the same Source that we will ultimately return to… the Sea of Possibilities. So, look at the possibilities that this new trigger has offered you. How did you respond? Are you satisfied with your response? Was your response kind to yourself, as well as others involved? It matters not how they received your response as much as your intention that created your response.

If you are not satisfied with your response, then take time the next few days to role-play how you would prefer to respond the next time a similar situation arises. Continue this role-play until the new response feels natural.

No matter what, when you are in the “crisis,” do your best to send love from your heart to the one in front of you. This can dramatically help to lessen the tension between you. If you or the other(s) are off balance, pull back and make the suggestion to set a time in the future when you both are calmer so that you can resolve the difference more rationally and effectively.

We understand that there are some issues that will upset you - such as seeing someone abusing another. In those cases, if it feels appropriate for you, then intercede on behalf of the one being abused. Do know that in some circumstances, this can result in harm coming to you or the one being abused. Immediately, remember to amp up your auric shield so that you avoid taking on the other person’s “negative” energies.

However, in most cases, when your buttons are pushed, it is a sign of something within you that is unresolved. Thus, it is important to take time to reflect on these incidents so that you can begin to release, down to the root cause. Most emotional imbalances begin in early childhood. As we have shared before, when these upsets happen, humans will do what they can to handle the situation. That may mean creating new beliefs, cowering in fear, holding in secrets that is not to their benefit or reacting in ways that creates shame, blame, guilt, anger, resentment, etc.

As a child, one does not have the maturity and often doesn’t have the verbal abilities, resources or physical strength to defend themselves properly. They will use their limited mental faculties to create a coping mechanism. What they choose would be dramatically different from coping strategies than an adult who has had many life experiences.

Those immature coping strategies are the “blocks” that many of you are experiencing. When you go within and chat with “Little You,” you will find these limiting beliefs. Then you can work with “Little You” to release these blocks and beliefs/ Then you can substitute them with more mature and loving beliefs about yourself and the situation that is now presenting itself. There is nothing more important for a person who is striving for “Mastery” to undertake.

Once these “triggers” are released, you will have more clarity, inner peace and find it much easier to connect and communicate with your Guides. That connection is imperative in order to help you navigate the rest of your life, especially if you are interested in being a leader or active participant within your spiritual community.

Do understand that not everyone is destined to awaken in this lifetime. Many are young souls who can only go so far. They are like human babies who grow in stages from crawling to walking to running. One cannot skip steps, pun intended. Thus, do not push someone beyond their abilities. We warn of setting up expectations for others, for that is not your place to do so. Accept them as they are.

Those who are ready for the next step, may reach out to you for assistance. Offer them your opinion and experiences, then allow them to choose what to do with the information. Be wary of going into relationships with others with the expectation of changing them. Rather, change yourself to be the best version of yourself as possible.

Many are getting caught up in the mass media hysterics. Others are getting off balance thinking they have to balance karma. Neither are necessary. From the soul level, you may be wanting to have an experience that relates to a past life. But this does not mean that you have to put yourself into dangerous positions or stay with someone who is abusive. The goal is not to save or change them. A higher goal is to decide to change yourself so that you are expressing a higher level of love for yourself. In order to raise the level of love with the other person, sometimes this will require walking away, for that person may not be willing to consider being a nicer person in this lifetime.

You can always send love to the person you are concerned about. You can let them know that you are open to helping them to change their ways or to recommend they seek professional counseling. These are loving acts for both of you. But to remain in an abusive relationship only increases the likelihood of more violence, which will be perpetrated even more when children are a part of the equation.

Thus, strive for the highest potential of unconditionally loving… first yourself, then others. For no one can give what they do not have. Your potential for self-love is limitless, although it may be hard to believe this when times are rough. Thus, do the inner work to smooth out those rough edges.

We are always near and available to assist you. But do know that we will not go into a co-dependent relationship with you. That means that you must do all you can for yourself first, then we will be ready to assist you to go to the next level. Again, one step at a time. Work at your own pace. Know that all you need resides within you. Call on your own Team to ask for help when you get stuck and to help you to reach the next step.

Know that there are many paths, each offering unique experiences. There is no right or wrong path. What counts is making forward movement and monitoring your thoughts, words, actions, overcoming fears and digging out those limiting beliefs. The more you do this, the more competent you will become at taking control of your life and learning to go with the flow.

We love you beyond measure.

Go forth and create a life filled with joy and passion. It is within the reach of those who believe in themselves.

Blessed be,
The Masters

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