Annie's Corner - March 2021

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by Rev. Annie Nelson

Hello ADL Community! I hope this time finds you doing well, in good health and enjoying the change of the seasons with family and friends.

Often when I say the word “hello” I think about the song with that title (by Adele); and it always makes me smile and feel hopeful, for the lyrics are about reconnecting, which is an important aspect of life and much needed now where life still appears to be in some form of flux.

So I went on a quest to find people, places, and things that are reestablishing bonds (new and reconnecting) within communities, to remind me that I’m not in this alone. Here is a sampling of what I found so far:

People magazine recently listed “50 Companies That Care”, like Radio Flyer Inc donating 1,000 wagons, trikes, and ride-on toys to area youngsters; Publics food market donating 500K gallons of milk to food banks; Wegmans food markets actively recruiting furloughed workers by other companies; Alston & Bird law firm raising $17K to support teachers in a day-care center; CarMax donating over 2,400 masks to front line workers; the Dew company re-purposing its production facilities to produce 2M bottles of hand sanitizer, CoverMyMeds software company raising money for YMCA chapters along with other access types of donations.

O Magazine had a piece called “The High Five” where the author highlighted five individuals doing some amazing things to help others and cheer about.

Science of Mind magazine did a piece titled “Beyond Chaos, 7 Qualities to Cultivate on the Journey to Joy” where the author shared helpful tips to build on…qualities like optimism, curiosity, trust, courage, a sense of humor, resilience, and taking risks.

I share this small sampling of how businesses, communities, and individuals are choosing to help and support each other during these times of uncertainty. Reading these inspiring stories reinforced my desire to continue this ministry, where I’m learning how I, as an individual, can provide more Light to the world through these studies on spiritual growth and awareness.

The fact that we’re a diverse community, where the complexity, beauty and challenges of engaging respectfully with each other, expressing different viewpoints, experiences and aspirations; it’s a blessing and opportunity for growth that I do not take for granted. I’ve been taught that God never puts two people together, for the benefit of one. We are all students of life.

So, I close with a shout out to everyone who is trying right now.

Trying to do the right thing, to stay open and keep going. Trying to let go and find their flow, and say afloat. Trying to meet each new day with balance. And to those of you who are trying new things, and new ways. Know that I’m there too. We’re in this together.

Remember in all things we have a choice.

Please comment below and “like” Annie on Facebook. Rev. Annie Nelson can also be reached via email, Annie(at)MyHypnoHealth(dot)com.


Mary Robertson

I thank you for your perspective and generous sharing of this ton of good news and encouragement. I especially appreciated the comment God doesn't bring together two for the benefit of one. Wow that is a beautiful thought and very obviously must be true. Thank you again may you be filled with a feeling of how much you are appreciated. Rev Mary Robertson

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Lindsay F Babich

So lovely Rev Annie. I'm feeling your LOVE.

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Lynda Allen

Thank you, Rev. Annie...that was a really inspiring post for all of us. It reminded me about all the big and little things I'm doing and gave me a "loving nod" to keep on giving.

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