ADL Spring Conference

Sprouting Wings with Divine Love

You are invited to join the Alliance of Divine Love community at our upcoming conference!

ADL Virtual Spring Conference

Due to the amazing feedback we received from attendees of our first virtual conference held in Nov, we decided to do another one! 

The overwhelming response was that even though we can't all be together in-person, connecting our energies virtually still has powerful effects. While we all crave connecting in-person, the virtual experience actually has some advantages. Each experience has its place and serves a purpose.

Join us for this 1-day virtual Spring Conference to honor the new growth the season brings.

Registration is OPEN!

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April 17, 2021

Open to ALL

Virtual Event - Join us from the comfort of your home!

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Registrants will also have on-demand access after the event.

ADL Event-Spring Conference 2021

Event Details

In the spirit of Spring, experience some spiritual growth with us!

During this 1-day event, we will have 4 educational sessions including live Q&A sessions with the presenters.

Registrants will also get on-demand access to the sessions after the event is over.

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Conference Schedule

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Friday (April 16)

4:00 PM 

Pre-Conference Social: ADL Happy Hour

Come hang out with us on Zoom during our weekly ADL Happy Hour (hosted by the ADL Florida Chapter) and get energized for the upcoming event.

Saturday (April 17)

John Kowalchyk10:00 AM

Ancient Practices for Modern Life

Presented by Rev. John Kowalchyk

This program is both informative and experiential. In his presentation, John will briefly describe Yoga Philosophy and Science, its 5000 + year history and several techniques or tools to relieve and prevent stress and pain, that are as relevant today as they have been for thousands of years.

We will practice a number of these tools during the program. This talk is not about the yoga you practice on a mat in the studio. That yoga (Asana) is one aspect of Yoga Science; but not the subject of this discussion.

This program is about the foundational concepts and principles underlying this ancient philosophy and way of life and the practice of various techniques to achieve Self-realization.

Speaker Bio

John, an ADL minister since 2014, is also a Reiki Master, Sound Therapist and Drum Circle Facilitator, called to follow the spiritual path and guide others along their spiritual journey.

John and his wife of forty-three years are the Founders of Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies, a ministry focused on energy-healing offering programs and retreats for people of all ages and backgrounds at their home retreat center and venues throughout the country and most recently on Facebook Live and Zoom.

Over the past twenty-seven years John has studied and practiced a number of spiritual philosophies and types of meditation. For the past three years John has studied Yoga Science with Leonard (Ram Lev) and Jenness Cortez Perlmuter, direct students of Swami Rama and founders of the American Meditation Institute. John has recently become an initiate of the Path of Fire and Light, diving deeper into his practice of Yoga Science.

Lindsay Babich1:00 PM

God Bumps and Love Vibes

Presented by Rev. Lindsay Babich

I have been destined, I think, in this physical life to understand vibrational science. Since tap dancing, music and my hippie days, I have studied and consciously absorbed the value of vibrations – good and bad (BTW, a false scale) – in the very creation of my existence. So many research articles, increasing since 2017, now claim that “science” is just beginning to understand the holistic, universal impact of vibrations and frequencies. What and where are they? How do they impact our sanity, our health and the evolutionary ascension of life on Planet Earth. One article presciently claimed, “The Hippies Were Right!” To me that means Love, Dancing, Peace, caring for each other and respecting all life, here, there and everywhere. In this presentation, we’ll explore Vibrational Frequency and the impact on life and consciousness throughout the Universe. And, perhaps, more importantly, how you create through frequency.

Speaker Bio

Septuagenarian Mystic, Healer and Good Witch. Ordained in 2004 by Rev Barbara Hanshaw. Early real-life entrepreneurial experience includes: professional dancer, film and television producer, publicist, PR exec, publisher, teacher and school administrator, anthropologist and social worker. When success wore me out I turned to the soul haven of Spiritual endeavors and healing work with essential oils (aromatherapy), Healing Touch (vibrational medicine), Frequency healing, ADL and, supremely, LOVE – the ultimate Universal Vibration. Political activist for Social Justice and Love. Woman, daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, mentor and team cheerleader. Reduced to one self-coined word: HECLECTIC.

Julie Harness Coleman4:00 PM

The Secrets of Giving and Receiving

Presented by Rev. Dr. Autymn Renee Allen

In this presentation, we will explore how giving and receiving enhances our relationship with Spirit as well as our vow of service to God.


  1. Participants will realize the importance of HEARING THE WORD OF GOD BEFORE taking Action.
  2. Participants will understand how the REVERSAL of Mindset is necessary for Achievement.
  3. Participants will understand how to WORK the YIN-YANG Process of Receiving and Giving to Create/Manifest Life Experiences.



Each step of the manifestation process involves receiving then giving – a YIN-YANG PROCESS.

Speaker Bio

Rev. Dr. Autymn Renee Allen has been an Alliance of Divine Love Minister and Trainer since 1996 and a Doctorate Trainer since 2006. She is a former high school teacher, a sales representative for educational publishers and the founder of LIFE4 Coaching Academy. In 2013 she and her husband established the Alliance of Divine Life as a 501C3 as a joint ministry dedicated to the hero’s journey of every spiritual seeker.

LIFE4 Coaching stands for Life Integration For Enlightenment, Equanimity, Empowerment & Enjoyment which are all the elements that lead us to satisfaction in life. Dr. Allen offers individual and group programs as well as training in her LIFE4 Coaching System.

The Alliance of Divine Life will be offering an online Summit in June, 2021, titled FEEL YOUNG – LIVE LONG with health and wellness experts in 4 areas of life – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical.

You can reach Dr. Allen at or her websites or

Barbara Selwa7:30 PM

The ADL Angel Squad

Presented by Rev. Dr. Barbara Selwa, Rev. Dr. Peg Gordon, and Rev. Dr. Bonnie Barnes-Kelley

Coming now to the Alliance of Divine Love, the ADL Angel Squad, starring all ADL ministers in their greatest role, “Delivering Golden Love from the Angels, pouring down Golden Love onto persons, places and all living things to wherever they need healing and Divine Love.” Join us and meet our Angels above in the Upper Realms, fill your hearts with their love, and soar high to your destination to deliver your Love. Be in service to humanity in the Greatest Degree of Love.


Background, Relaxation, Trust, Leaving your Body with Angels Protection, Soaring ( Doctor’s training), Fill your heart with Love’s energy from our Angels, Getting your wings, being together in Love, Finding your destination, Healing with your Golden Light and releasing love to where it is needed, Sealing the Golden Light in, Leaving and returning Home, Fighting Covid Virus, Re-entering your physical body, Stretch and feel your body, and finally Being in Gratitude for the Ability to Share this special Healing.


Speaker Bio

Rev. Dr. Barbara Selwa is one of the founders of the Alliance of Divine Love. Read more about our Founders' story here.

Our Gratitude

Many thanks to our Conference Planning Committee for their devoted behind-the-scenes efforts over many months to create this event for us!

  • Rev. Charlotte McGinnis (co-chair)
  • Rev. Diane Baker (co-chair)
  • Rev. Pamela Crissey
  • Rev. Brian Crissey
  • Rev. Analisa Domenica
  • Rev. Dona Menz
  • Rev. Jerri Mannion
  • Rev. Julie Considine
  • Rev. Ed Carrasquillo
  • Rev. Tony Gogue