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This is what potential students will use to decide if they want to take your course, so be informative, but concise and to the point (must be less than 1,000 characters, roughly 200 words). You can copy & paste this from your ADL Course Outline worksheet.


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Please note: Live and Hybrid platform courses REQUIRE completion of #11 - #16. 

(#11 - #16 is not required for On-demand/Pre-recorded)


On what date will your Live/Hybrid Course begin?

The first day of the course (mm/dd/yyyy)


On what date will your Live/Hybrid Course end?

The last day of the course (mm/dd/yy)


What platform will you be using for your Live sessions?

Some popular options include:


What is the max number of participants?


What is the format of your Live sessions?


Live/Hybrid Course Info

Please describe any other specifics pertaining to the live or hybrid set up of your course.


How many MODULES does your course have?

You can refer to your ADL Course Outline worksheet easily find this info.


How many individual LESSONS (or Live Classes) does your course have?

You can refer to your ADL Course Outline worksheet easily find this info.


How do you want students to progress through your course?


Link(s) to your Course Files

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Additional Course Info.

If you have any other details or information about this course that will help us in setting up and promoting your course, please share them below.

Some examples:

  • Who this course is intended for?
  • Experience/Difficulty Level  - Beginner, Intermediate or Experienced
  • Should the course should be removed after a certain date?

Pricing Model

There are 3 pricing models available.  Please refer to the Course Instructor Guide and Tutorial for a full explanation:

Please note: The REVENUE SHARE option REQUIRE completion of #23 and #24. 


Pricing & Revenue Sharing Agreement

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