Content Submission

Please use this "worksheet" to submit your content to us for use on the ADL website, newsletter, social media, etc.

* * * * VERY IMPORTANT * * * *

 After your initial "first" content submission, the system "remembers" you.

It will load your most recent content submission worksheet when you attempt a NEW submission.

Please click "Start with a clean worksheet" or you will overwrite your previous entry

AND no one will be notified of your new content submission.

There are 2 options to submit your content:

  1. UPLOAD a file (document, video, etc.)
  2. TYPE or COPY/PASTE in your content into the space provided


  • If you upload a video, you can also use option 2 field to type in additional text to be included with your video.
  • If you need to send us multiple files or large files, you can upload them to Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, or a similar platform and paste the sharing link in the content field

Be sure to click "Save Worksheet" when you are done!


Your Name


Your Phone Number

Only used in case we need to contact you for additional details regarding your submission.


What is the Title or Subject of your content?


Author/Creator's Name

If are you submitting this on behalf of someone else, please enter their name here (so we can recognize them as the author or content creator).


Is the author/creator of this content an ADL Minister?


Option 1: Upload your content

If you already have your content saved in a file, you can simply upload it here.


Option 2: Type in your content

You can type in your content directly here.

NOTE: This is a plain text editor only, so you won't be able to do any styling (like make text bold or italicized). If you want to do that, please use a text editor (like Google Docs or MS Word) to create your content and then upload that file. We may edit the styling of your content when we are publishing it for the best representation and readability.


Rights & Use Agreement

I verify that I have the legal authority to share this content and hereby grant ADL the rights to publish it using any media publishing tools as they see fit  (as a blog article, in an email, as a social post, etc.).

This means that you verify that any text, images, and/or video you provide are either not copyright protected or that you have the legal authority to grant ADL a licenses to publish the text, images, and/or video. If not, please either remove those elements before submitting.