Event Submission

Please use this "worksheet" to submit your event to us to post on the ADL website, newsletter, social media, etc.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that we will not take registrations for your event. Please include the necessary information for people to register or RSVP for your event.

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Your Name


Your Phone Number

Only used in case we need to contact you for additional details regarding your submission.


What is the Title or Subject of your event?


Event Description

Please keep this brief, 600 characters or less (about 100 words).
People can use your "Learn more" link to see full details, if they are interested.


"Learn More" Link

Enter the URL where people can find more details about the event. This is optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


"Register / RSVP" Link

Enter the URL where people can register or RSVP for the event.


Event Host or Organizer

Who is leading or organizing this event? It can be a person or an organization.


Is the host of this event an ADL Minister or ADL Chapel?


Public Contact Name

Who should people contact if they have questions about this event?


Public Contact Email

The email address people should use if they have questions about this event.


Is this a recurring event?


Event Dates and Times

Please be specific. If it is a multi-day event, please include times for each day. If you only enter one date, we will assume it is a 1-day event.

Recommended Format: Date: Start time AM - End Time PM (Time Zone)
Example: April 16, 1999: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) ... repeat for additional event dates



If you do not want to give the exact physical address, at least include a city and state.
If this is a virtual or online event, please indicate that as well.


Optional: Upload

If you have a flier, image or other file about the event you can upload it here.

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This means that you verify that any text, images, and/or video you provide are either not copyright protected or that you have the legal authority to grant ADL a licenses to publish the text, images, and/or video. If not, please either remove those elements before submitting.