Ombudsman Writings - November 2020

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By Rev. Randy Fillmore

"Now What?"

With seemingly multiple hundred-year events happening since 2020 began, we've been reluctant even to think about "Now What"?.  Wild fires, pandemic, civil unrest, loss of historic civil rights leader and a champion for equal protection, and now, we're embarking on a national election that will result in certain national upheaval regardless of the outcome.

Besides all the above, I have pondered the "Now What" question from another perspective.  Not meant to diminish national and world events, though for me, it's almost as important.

I now seem to have more hair on my forearms than on my head, and I'm still purchasing shampoo.  Why am I doing that?

I took some time in contemplative thought one day and wondered.  Is it a habit when the shampoo bottle is nearly empty that I add it to the grocery list?  Is it wishful thinking that I still need the same amount of shampoo as I did 20 years ago when I had a full head of thick shag rug-like follicles?  Maybe it's purely denial and nothing more.

When COVID hit and we sheltered in-place, like so many others I could not get a haircut.  After 3 weeks I looked like I had an 8 o'clock shadow on my head, but then after a couple of more weeks as my hair was growing in some spots faster than other areas, I started looking more like the pointy-haired boss in the Dilbert cartoons.  Now what?

Out of desperation, my electric clippers previously reserved for mustache trimming were put into service to even-out the parts that continued to show signs of old-age growth from the areas around the same time as when savings accounts actually paid interest.  Now what?

I have now resigned myself to no longer accept the belief purchasing and showering with shampoo will manifest in a mane worthy of my youth.  It's a painful realization, and while I may mourn such a decision when seeing an ad for shampoo in a men's health magazine (on this I'm kidding, as there no way I'll torture myself with even looking at such a magazine) or when I pass by a man whose older than I who has a full head of hair.  I'll just chuckle to myself when I think of using the money I would spend on haircuts and shampoo for other fun things (cream-filled doughnut, a milkshake, or a 2-piece serving of pie from a bakery, as long as my wife is unaware).

Now, when I begin to think, "Now what?" on matters that have significance upon our nation and world, I refer back to how I was finally able to accept my follicle fate; is it habit, is it wishful thinking, or is it denial?

If we consider our existence on this earth plane is only but a small part in our overall journey in our spiritual path, it's our choice to use a question mark at the end of, "Now What?", OR use an exclamation point, "Now What!"  It's our individual choice.

Blessings along your path
Rev Randy Fillmore
ADL Ombudsman
Chapel 1709


Wonderful! Wonderful!  I was ready for some deep contemplation and then I burst out laughing (more than once)! Perfect for this time of chaos. Thank you, Randy!

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Glad you found the article helpful.

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Meditative laughter-right up my alley! Thanks for this, Randy. 

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That was very fun and uplifting to read...thanks Randy!

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