Ombudsman Writings - February 2020

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By Rev. Randy Fillmore

I have to wonder at times if I'm the only one.  With my decades of training and experience steeped and ruled in procedures, processes, and regulations, I automatically think and react to life from and in an analytic frame of reference or perspective.

Growing up with the teachings of Unity, my time with ADL and other spiritual teachings opened a completely different world than my vocation. 

To some, it might seem schizophrenic, though I prefer to compartmentalize those aspects of my life; something I learned during my work supporting the US intelligence agencies.

As I look back on this past year, I enjoyed some great personal moments and endured heartache.  As I moved through these moments of mountain tops and deep valleys, it was necessary for me to engage in some form of decision process. One option always was to do nothing and sit for a while, while generally action was needed, in some form or another.

In retrospect I have noticed the decisions I have made have been driven by my head OR my heart.  What does my analysis of this situation dictate my action to be?  What is in my best interest, or the best interest of others?  How will a decision make me feel?  What makes my heart sing?  What is the best thing for my well-being?

What I have started to learn (doesn't happen all the time - it IS a learning process) is that IF I can define the line between head and heart, or heart and head, AND be aware of that very thin line between those two realms, I can change that from a "line" into more of a "zone"; not strictly head, not strictly heart, but the true nature of my being.  It is from that zone that I now tend to seek direction and guidance before making decisions.

I appreciate hearing about musicians, artists, athletes, and others who talk about being "in the zone", where they just exist, and are able to tune out the physical sensations of their surroundings and can intently focus on their task.

I seek to engage more of living life in the zone instead of bouncing between and across that thin line between head and heart.  I affirm you will join me in that journey.

Blessings along your path,

Rev. Randy Fillmore
ADL Ombudsman


Thank you, Randy. Dividing things up has its conveniences, and it isn't really representative of the true nature of things. I agree the term zone gives a fuller description of what is, as best we can find language for the ineffable. Too often? as a human I've clung to the "certainty" that language, religion or duality itself, falsely appear to give to the indescribable capacity of Divine Love. I appreciate you. Rev. Mary Robertson

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I don't usually contribute to blogs but for some reason I wanted to share this information.  The phrase "being in the zone" I believe has been overused and often misunderstood.  Many seek an existence of living life in that perpetual zone of understanding for many reasons.  Mostly I believe the peace that comes with it but as always there is a catch to wanting to be or experience an energy 100% of the time.  It becomes an escape hatch for what real living is about.  Life is not fair and was never meant to be, it is a teaching tool of the Divine.  Being out of the zone is where you do your learning about Oneness, which I believe is another word for the zone.  Having been a channeler, spiritual counselor, healer, psychic and emotional addiction counselor; being in the zone has allowed me to get out of my own baggage to help others.  It's a wonderful place to be but it's like holding your breath, sooner or later you have to be present in your own incarnation and take in everything around you, bad and good.  I have been blessed with many gifts from the Divine which I use in service but have never experienced the basic Spiritual 101 of Deja Vu, which many find very perplexing as it is the easiest of gifts to acquire.  Listening to one explain that experience, I have always felt these were the "little zones" of slipping out of the anchoring of the physical realm into the flow of the Universe, connected with everything.  If we are always in the zone, then we are not aware of the heavier nature of life around us, which is where we learn.  Just sayin.  Rev. Susan Z Rich   

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In my years of studying energy work, I discovered that there are brain cells in the heart (and an active thinking body of biome - mostly bacterial buddies - in the gut).  HeartMath training teaches the technique of bringing heart and brain into coherence, a state where the frequencies (waves) form a coherent pattern that optimally engages both aspects. In coherence, heart and mind orchestrate beautiful compositions together. Because this is taught as a simple biofeedback format, once the brain learns it...well, it's like riding a bicycle. There are so many valuable methods for tapping into the Divine power of body/mind/spirit coherence and many of ADL's ministers practice some form or another to improve the lives of self, family, friends and community. I'm guided to close with the thought: "There is no separation!"

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