ADL 2020 National Conference

Living in Grace: Co-Creating in the Greatest Degree of Love

Join the Alliance of Divine Love community at our national conference!

Nov 12 - 15, 2020

"Virtually" Everywhere

Open to ALL

And this year you won't have to travel!

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the annual ADL National Conference will be virtual in 2020. 

Some info is available on this page, but stay tuned.
We will be posting updates as they become available.

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Event Details

Experience co-creating in the Greatest Degree of Love!

You'll have options to attend various educational presentations and experiential sessions during this 3+ day event. Some presentations will be live and others pre-recorded. However, there will be Q & A portions for attendees to interact with the speaker. 

Vendors will also be offering various products and services that align with the Greatest Degree of Love.

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Conference Schedule

Stay tuned - we are in the process of rearranging this schedule.

Wednesday (Nov 11)

Virtual Meet & Greet with Meditation

This is a great time to get familiar with our virtual event platform, test out your device and connection, as well as coalesce our energies for the conference.

Friday (Nov 13)

Ed CarrasquilloPrimordial Sound Meditation (Friday Night)

Presented by Rev. Ed Carrasquillo

This experience will relax your mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to let go of all negative energy and transform it into positive powerful healing energy. Using Native Flute sounds, whale sounds, and a low tone voice Ed will take you on a beautiful journey. All you need is your heart and mind to be open and relaxed.

Speaker Bio

Rev. Ed has been building musical instruments and/or has been involved in Sound as a healing tool for the past 22 years. As a musician, percussionist, and sound healer; he has hosted drum circles and played at churches, spiritual centers, and POW WOW’s, for healing, meditation, and concerts. He continues to host sound meditations in his interfaith ministry.

Saturday (Nov 14)

Bob Sima and Shannon PlummerSaturday Night Live Concert

Presented by Rev. Bob Sima and Rev. Shannon Plummer

Enjoy some inspired music!


Sunday (Nov 15)

Miche RestainoSunday Morning Talk

Presented by Rev. Miche Restaino

More details to be announced.

Other Sessions

Sessions that will be on-demand or dates and times have not been set yet.

Charlotte McGinnisDaily Create-Your-Day Intention Process 

Presented by Rev. Charlotte McGinnis

Begin each morning of the conference with a new thought/intention for the day. Char will conduct an exercise to ground our intention and a mantra to take with you to make the most out of your conference experience! A great opportunity for us to come together and collectively set the intention for each other and for the events of the day to be infused with divine love!

Speaker Bio

Rev. Charlotte has had been blessed to have had 2 careers that she is passionate about. She was a golf professional and founded the Palm Beach Center for Living in West Palm Beach in 1993. In 2006, she began offering services, which led to the birth of the Namaste Center. In 2018, Charlotte retired, but it didn’t last for long. She was inspired to start an interfaith online ministry and is currently having a Sunday Soulful Inspirational Message on Facebook Live and will soon be offering online classes and workshops.

Barbara SelwaFounder's Address

Presented by Rev. Dr. Barbara Selwa

This will be a special, inspired address.

Speaker Bio

Rev. Dr. Barbara Selwa is one of the founders of the Alliance of Divine Love. Read more about our Founders' story here.

Anne HeckThe Miracle of Healing 

Presented by Rev. Anne Heck

For over twenty years, Anne served as a volunteer advocate for Our Voice (Asheville's Rape Crisis Center) and has served six years on the Our Voice Board of Directors. She speaks openly about her rape with intent to instill hope in others. In 2012, Anne shared her story on the TEDx stage (view TEDx talk here).

In her forthcoming book A Fierce Belief in Miracles, Anne carries a torch to light the way for those seeking their own healing. She teaches that challenges in our lives happen for us, not to us, and she invites us all to practice forgiveness, self-compassion and trust.

This talk will blend the practical and the spiritual in addressing our healing path. Anne will teach through personal stories and experiences, offering usable tools for transformation.

Speaker Bio

Anne Heck is a speaker, healer, and artist devoted to inspiring and guiding others to trust themselves, open to their intuitive guidance, and experience the magic of life through ceremony, positive intention, and a creative and curious spirit. In her memoir, A Fierce Belief in Miracles, Anne shares her story of healing—demonstrating the importance of clear intention and trusting inner guidance, revealing the transformative power of forgiveness, and lighting the way for those seeking to recover from their own traumas. To learn more about Anne’s offerings, or to see photos of her healing dolls, visit her at

A Fierce Belief in Miracles will be available Sept. 20, 2020
Pre-order now at, or barnes&

Dale Allen HoffmanThe World Will Never Be the Same

Presented by Rev. Dale Allen Hoffman

We can view 2020 as a great gift. Rather than viewing our human lives amidst the apparent challenges of our modern experience, perhaps we first seek to consciously understand the nature of reality and "the world." When we choose to see through the Eternal nature of our True Being, we find ourselves becoming, in the words of Yogananda, "the ever-joyous witness of a stupendous cosmic drama". Rich with insight from the original ancient Aramaic teachings of Yeshua [Jesus] and indigenous cultures across the Earth, Dale offers a profound realization of the true meaning of "the end of the world".

Speaker Bio

Dale Allen Hoffman is an ancient Aramaic wisdom keeper and mystic sharing an intimate, experiential understanding long - misunderstood ancient secrets and healing modalities. Dale is the only soul on earth sharing a living, breathing vision of the original Aramaic Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene energetic alchemy wisdom from the Biblical, Gnostic and Mystery School philosophies as one pure revelation. He has published numerous audio and video programs and is author of the book Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Light.

Julie ConsidineHow We Become Co-creators of a New Expanded Consciousness

Presented by Rev. Julie Considine

Can you imagine God, the Holy Spirit, or even any of our ancestors saying, when will this journey to wholeness, creation or experience on this earth be over, done, perfect or finished?  Have you heard God say “I’m tired. I’m ready to retire, and maybe even play some golf, tennis or spend the afternoon kayaking or swimming in the rivers?”  We’ve all been working on this for thousands, millions or even billions of years and have any of us perfected this wild, crazy ride yet? I can hear God say, “Relax, chill, enjoy the ride, take a book and go out into the woods and spend some time enjoying yourself, talk to the trees and enjoy the wondrous gifts I have given you everywhere you look…” Let yourself off the hook.  Start expanding and dream and imagine what’s next.  See into the horizon and find new opportunities just around the corner, new events to become passionate about and meet new people to share your vision and hopes for this new world we are all walking into.  Today, this very moment we can become conscious co-creators of a new world - a world that is flowing from a new and expanded state of consciousness.  One that has never before been experienced on such a global scale. 

Speaker Bio

Rev. Julie Considine has been an ADL  minister since 2017.  Julie had a thriving psychotherapy practice in South Florida and since retiring to Hendersonville, NC she still maintains a virtual practice.  Her passion is working with individuals and families to create powerful and meaningful relationships.  Julie has also facilitated women's support groups for 30 years. In her free time, Julie loves hiking, nature, and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Brother Tony GogueEnlightenment Everyday: Using Divine Consciousness to Reinterpret Everyday Secular Media 

Presented by Rev. K. Anthony Gogue

In Enlightenment Everyday we will connect to Divine consciousness, view or listen to several media clips, and learn what hidden messages come from each in order to experience the typical bodily senses and worldly things using Divine consciousness.

Speaker Bio

Rev. K Anthony Gogue, (Brother Tony), served 34 years in the military and came to understand and relate to people of different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, and religions. At the end of his career, he received a Divine calling to lay down weapons of destruction, and follow the heart toward peace, joy, and love.

Jane WollockHearing the Voices of the Natural World

Presented by Rev. Jane Wollack

The world is alive, awake, aware and always engaging with us. In our modern age, we have for the most part, long forgotten that very old connection, forgotten the importance of that listening. Come and step into that world of deep awareness and communication with the plants around us.

Speaker Bio

Jane Wollack is a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer, Certified Herbalist and NC Licensed Massage Therapist. A life long gardener, meadow meanderer and forest wanderer, she has long been listening to the voices of nature all around.

Kevin TaylorYour New ADL Platform and How It Can Work for You

Presented by Rev. Kevin Taylor

We will discuss the new resources and tools available to you through ADL. Learn how to navigate the website and access these resources as well as some advanced marketing strategies you can use in your own ministry. Enhance your ministry and deepen your connection with a like minded community by using these new opportunities.

Speaker Bio

Kevin has been producing digital media and providing digital marketing services for over a decade. He applies the ADL motto "In the Greatest Degree of Love" as a marketing consultant at KLTaylor Marketing, by assisting uplifting organizations in achieving their mission in more efficient and effective ways.

Diane BakerGroup Hypnosis: I am Enough 

Presented by Rev. Diane Baker

Hypnosis is a natural relaxing of the conscious mind to allow the subconscious mind to become more suggestible and receptive to accept new, positive beliefs to replace negative programming from early in life. Diane will share some intriguing insights into how the mind works, and how our habits of action are run by habits of thought. As children we forget that "We Are Enough" and she will hold a group hypnosis session in which our beliefs around "I Am Enough" can be healed ridding us of feelings of unworthiness, self-sabotage, self-judgment, lack of self-care, never finishing things, blocked creativity, persistent poverty, repetitive failure, depression, etc. By upgrading this core belief through hypnosis, we as ministers heal ourselves and have more to offer others in our ministries.

Speaker Bio

Rev. Rev. Diane Baker has practiced many forms of healing over the past four decades as a speaker and teacher, including Reiki, spiritual counseling, Power of Eight Intention work, BodyTalk, Psych-K, archetypal astrology, meditation, medical massage therapy and hypnotherapy.  She was ordained as an ADL minister in 2019 and now offers RTT Hypnotherapy (Rapid Transformational Therapy) to groups and individuals in the Hendersonville, NC area and elsewhere via Zoom.  Her ministry is focused on helping her clients reframe early learning experiences, let go of painful or unproductive thoughts and behaviors, and collaborate with their subconscious mind for immediate and permanent change.  

Minister Ordinations Doctor of Divinity Address and Ordination

New ADL Ministers will be ordained and Doctor of Divinity students will give their address and receive their ordination.

ADL Board of Trustees Annual Update

Updates to ADL Ministers from the ADL Board of Trustees.


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Our Gratitude

Many thanks to our Conference Planning Committee for their devoted behind-the-scenes efforts over many months to create this event for us!

  • Rev. Charlotte McGinnis (co-chair)
  • Rev. Diane Baker (co-chair)
  • Rev. Pamela Crissey
  • Rev. Brian Crissey
  • Rev. Analisa Domenica
  • Rev. Dona Menz
  • Rev. Jerri Mannion
  • Rev. Julie Considine
  • Rev. Ed Carrasquillo
  • Rev. Tony Gogue